Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Fuck

He was hounding me for a meet-up.  Sometimes I'm better about responding than others. He can be relentless in his quest - which can be a testament in certain ways, but an annoyance in others.

As it happens, I was horny. He has a good dick.  The timing worked.

He wants this and that.  To fuck certain places at the house, if possible. I'm not willing to let him invade some parts of the living space, but I've given in here and there. He was hoping for two fucks - two loads into me. I didn't say no, but I didn't say yes.  Mostly because I know him well enough - as soon as he comes, he disengages on multiple levels.

Two loads were not going to happen.  It's not who he is. It's not who we are.

We kissed. We tried to make that happen, but there was a disconnect with him it seemed. It was happening but it didn't feel genuine. Maybe we were playing the part(s).

I sucked his cock. I think I did a good job. But I think sucking cock is one of my great skills.

He always likes me to eat his ass - and I think I've made it clear here that I love to eat a guy's hole. I can really get into it. I know some guys won't do it because they think it is disgusting, but fuck if they don't like having it done to them.

I like doing it - for just doing it, but the reaction I usually get.  I like having it done because it is usually a prelude to having a shaft slid up my ass.

This guy, I think, wanted my shaft up his.  I tried.  He's one of the few who make me rock hard and I got about half in him when he claimed I was "too big".  Personally, I think he could have taken it.  I'm thick, I'm kind of big, but I don't think I fit into the "too big" category.

So it was on to me eating his hole again. At some point I felt like a crazed ass-eater and it probably didn't help that he called me a 'nasty pig'.  I took it as a compliment.

Before long, I was on my side, him behind me. It's how he wanted to fuck that day.  He slid into me. Fuck if it didn't feel great. It did. It fucking did.

I'm not sure how long the fuck went on for, but longer than it normally does. He paced himself and I was grateful for it. I like him being in me, fucking me, flexing his rod and making me feel it.

He announced he was close. I guess I could have told him to slow down or stop until he cooled off, but I told him to go for it!  He did.  And he unloaded up my ass.

I like guys who will stay up my ass after they shoot. Even for only a minute.  This is not that guy. He wants out almost immediately, even if I ask or plead a little.

But true to my prediction, he was up and off the bed, and clothes on quicker than shit. There'd never be a second load. Ever. Not in the same session.

As persistent as he was to get me to drop my pants, just as quickly he couldn't wait to get out - barely making eye or verbal contact.

But I know the score with him. I don't go into that situation blindly.  He had a need and so did I.  We got what we wanted and what we expected.

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Upton King said...

Well, a little more than what I term 'meat and potatoes' sex, but really, once you know a trick as well as you know this one, some of the magic is gone. Regular fuck buds are supposed to be great, but once any degree of predictability enters the picture, I typically bail. Those that keep bringing something new to the table? They get all the free meals they can handle. Great post, as always. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque