Wednesday, May 14, 2014

the Plan

The plan was for a 3-way.  Two tops who had previously had their way with me had hooked-up via an on-line app and decided they wanted to tag-team someone.

Somehow I came up.  The other not knowing I had "slept" with the other.  At least until then.

Of course, I agreed and moved scheduled items around to accommodate this arrangement. Both had been good fucks in the past.

But you know how it goes with the best laid plans.  An hour prior to hook-up, the lead guy cancelled. Something about picking up his BF at their airport, as he was coming in from the west coast.  I did the tally, that meant he was taking the red-eye, which means he had to have known this the prior day.  I was thinking it was all a big fake thing.

I saw guy #2 on line later and said, even though guy #1 had to cancel didn't mean we couldn't still do a hook-up. But he said he would have cancelled had the other guy not.


I told both, if you want to do this, fine, but just tell me. I won't initiate.

Guy #1 did contact me a few days later. He apologized and invited me over to fuck 1-on-1. No guy #2.

Normally I'd hem and haw a little but I was horny as fuck. So I prepped and headed out.

"Rick" was exactly how I remembered him from our last fuck a half year ago. His hands on my shoulders, I was directed down to my knees.

He was commando under those nylon shorts, but I went to gnaw on them anyway and get them spit covered. He was semi-stiff when I started, he was rock hard when I hooked my fingers into the elastic and pulled down.

And then I went down.

....and then up....and then down....and then up.  Repeat for 10 minutes in various positions.

"Stand up".  But I didn't hear him. I had to ask him to repeat what he had just said.  "Stand up".

There was no formality to what was about to happen. I was bent over the couch and with my spit as lube, he inserted the head of his cock and about 2 of his 7.5 inches.

Rick has a good thickness too, so he wasn't really wet enough to easily slide in. Yes, we could have done it - and I have in the past, though not with him. But he reached for lube, squirted some on his still impaled shaft and continued his journey.

I forgot how quiet he is. While he's all about the dirty talk on-line, he says nothing in person. No sounds.

But he is good with his cock - which is the only language either of us needed. He did a nice job of not only pulling all the way back, but all the way out and then sinking it all the way back in.  Several times.

The cock felt good. But then, I love cock up my ass. I guess I can see why guys struggle with taking it, but there is a feeling I get with it that I just fucking love.  Some of it is physical, some mental, some maybe even emotional.

But you know tops. They love the feeling of a warm hole wrapped around their shaft, and I gave Rick this.  I even made sure to use those muscle to make him feel even better.  I am not just a lazy bottom in these situations.

Too soon (isn't it always) it was to be over.  Not that I knew it exactly  No sounds. No words. No shallow breath.  But at one point he just buried and held it.  I couldn't feel warmth but felt throbs. Several of them.

At some point he let out a sigh, but that was no longer to signal his impending orgasm. It was just the feeling of his own satisfaction of his sac emptying its fluids into a willing hole.

I pulled up my pants, slipped on my shoes and showed myself out. Along with the 'promise' of doing the tag-team.

We'll see about that.


Upton King said...

I want to say something about a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush... but, hell, I've had my share of three-ways in the bushes, so I know dat ain't true. Well, at least you got half of the dynamic duo. Here's hoping you get your wish. Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Bruce Chang said...

I get like that sometimes... Where vocal chords are forgotten and all I can think about is how warm a hole is and how well it caresses every ridge of my cock.

Dre Sync said...

i feel bad, i'm an eerily quiet guy too. i wonder if that's a bad thing