Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Throughout the year, I've alluded to having some sort of goal last year, in terms of the nunber of "encounters" I was shooting for.  Pun fully intended.

I would say halfway through the year, my goal slightly altered. And with the holidays and things, I was coming perilously close to not achieving an arbitrary goal that mattered little to anyone.

Rest assured, I met my goal....with a week to spare - though had the holiday and work obligations not gotten in the way, I would have surpassed it.

I could easily tell you the number, but then any suspicions of you all thinking I was a whore are kind of solidified......and that's something you can't quite erase from your brain.

The goal was for a certain load count.....if I'm being frank. If I got fucked or sucked a cock that didn't cum, they didn't count. And yes, I counted......on a spreadsheet.  Sorry Bruce - I didn't build a pivot table.

And by loads, I also meant my own. Did I give? If so, where?  Did I jack off?

That last category number is surprisingly low. Nine times did I jack off in 2015. That is what most of you do in a week. And I never jacked off alone. Ok - maybe once.  It was because I was asked by certain partners to do so. Sometimes I complied - because I believe they deserved it. Sometimes I did not.

As you know - me getting off isn't my thing. It's nice, but not always necessary. Rarely, actually.

So, the list included things like - delivery methods.....

No huge shock that me sucking guys off was the majority of the load consumption. I'd have liked the red pie to have been bigger, but not everyone is worthy.  Not even to a guy like me. 

Then I broke it down by if they were a new person or a repeat. For a long time it was 50 / 50, but the more new guys I got, they often turned into repeats....so.....it stands to reason. Only 3% of the loads achieved were mine.  That sounds about right, no? 

Right or wrong, I also broke it down by race.  Is it possible I didn't have sex with one Asian man? The numbers don't lie. Though honestly, it seemed that I had a bigger black population than actually showed up in the numbers. Sure, their cocks were bigger, but I didn't make the count based on length or girth. Somehow, I remember them more though. 

....maybe you can't go back, after all. 

Not for nothing, but I broke it down by where we connected.  Those numbers get a little skewed - as the initial contact might have been craigslist, but then it was by phone or email for return visits. Still, craigslist gets a bigger slice of the pie....barely. 

And I broke it down where we did it too. House, Apartment, Hotel, home Office, etc. 

I don't know I will continue this self-reporting, but I probably will. I don't expect to have a goal like I just completed. My work schedule now will no longer support these kinds of numbers.

Not that you know what those actual numbers are.     :@)


Not Alone said...

I think I got this idea from you. I only broke it down by male, wife, or alone. We were very much opposite from each other, Alone was my big one.

I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

So if 2% of loads was the 9 times you jacked off... Does this mean that you had 450 loads?

Anonymous said...

Well it has to be at least in the region of 100 loads total otherwise you couldn't get percentages of 1%. But that was easy to guess anyway :)

cyberi4a said...

I think that's all great, I would have liked to see the 'where' pie chart.....lol

Now who would think of you as a whore, you just like making pie charts.

LP - Hired Stud said...

WOW, you are very organized.

I'm just shocked by the jacking off 9 times in a whole year, like you said, I do that in a week!

Unknown said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog. And am in awe (and jealous) of your numbers. However, you made one slip and with easy math we can figure out your total numbers... Which just leaves me even more in awe (and jealous).

Mathgeekbottom said...

Love your blog!
If 9 = 2%, then total loads = 450 (sorry, math nerd bottom here! ;)

Rick LIndner said...

Good job - blow job, I guess. I'm an accountant and find this very interesting - and wish I could have added to your numbers. Ever get to Columbus, OH, I will.

Rick LIndner said...

As an accountant, I enjoy your "stats". Would love to add to the numbers, so if you ever get to Columbus, OH - I will.