Thursday, January 28, 2016


I should know to stay away from 25 year olds on Grindr. Nothing much good comes from them.

If they're not complete meth whores, they are then usually totally inexperienced. I mean, I do have one semi-repeat that is hotter than fuck, huge cock and somewhat together, though I sense he might be doing more PnP activities when he's not working  - but we all know that's a slippery slope.

But a week or so ago, I got a message on the app. In a weak-ish moment I headed over to him, as he was less than a mile away.

It's amazing what distance will and won't do. When does 3 miles become too far?? Is distance more an obstacle if they're average looking or just a 'he'll do' scenario? It's not like it is 3 miles trekking over the Rockies with the Donner party or anything. I'm not even taking public transportation - I have my own car and everything!

Still, a mile seemed to be as far as I'd venture out for this post-millennial. His selfie was just ok- maybe 5'8", 145, brown hair, clean shaven. But it's me we are talking about here - it was his cock pic that tipped the scales in his favor.

It's nice, right?

So you see why I acquiesced and went after he assured me he wasn't into getting high.

It was an old apartment building. He told me to use the back staircase. He never bothered to fucking mention there were four of them. When he answered in text later that it was the one 'near the laundry room' I tersely remarked - 'as if I fucking know where that is!'.

I was already in danger of people reporting me for going up and down two other external staircases, checking out apartments, ones that only one out of every three actually had apartment numbers on them. How the fuck was I to know where #20 was?

BikeGuy was annoyed - and he wasn't even at the door, let alone in it.

I knocked, he answered in his underwear. It was like 19 out and not that much warmer in his space - one similar to something I lived in back in college. It was a flood of questionable memories for me. I felt for him - or what I assume was him - struggling, on his own, but at least had his own space, such as it was. For me, it was far from glamorous and it was a weigh station to where I'd end up. I wasn't that thrilled to relive it even for 20 minutes.

When he opened the door and I walked in, he had the weirdest behavior and laugh. For a few minutes I assumed he had lied about the getting high - as he seemingly just randomly chuckled.

The best way to describe him and his behavior is in this clip - especially at the 0:45 mark.

The "laughs" are identical. It kind of freaked me out.

I think I figured out a few minutes in that maybe he wasn't high, but was somewhere on the Tourette's spectrum or possibly the Autism one.........or both.

If so, I didn't feel so bad about where he was living, especially with the 62" plasma screen tv box in his room. He wasn't hurting for things - and if he was somewhat special needs if he could live on his own, mores the better.

Camera angles and shots can be funny. He had a decent dick, but the picture was nicer.

He wanted to suck mine, which I was afraid was always his motive, but he didn't. I didn't allow it. I didn't even take mine out.

I kept my slush covered boots on and we went to his room. I got on my knees and took his briefs down. He was already hard.

In my own mind, I'd like to think he'd never had a blowjob like the one I gave him. It was wet, it was deep, there was lots of tongue action. He trembled. He had that laugh - nerves, perhaps. But you could sense the inexperience.

I know some guys get off on that newbie vibe. I'm not that guy. I like guys with a few notches on their headboard. I like experience and a man who knows what he is doing. This wasn't that guy.

Still, it wouldn't take long. For the young guys - it rarely does. For the new to the scene, even less so.

The load was mediocre - in size and taste.  The size was probably due to the fact he was 25 (though he looked 18) and probably still jacks off four times a day. And it was 11a, so he'd probably gotten off twice that morning.

Doubtful I'd go back......but I've been known to repeat shit like this.


Explorer Jack said...

I got with an autistic guy once. Make that twice. The novelty was enough to invite him over a second time. But not a third.

He was a nice enough guy, but possessed totally awkward social skills, at least in person. With his e-mails he was completely articulate, but in person, a total failure. And, I guess hygiene must be a social skill, because he was pretty bat at that too.

And like your autistic guy, mine had quite a nice cock. :)

LP - Hired Stud said...

am i just being a dick when I say the underwear would have been a turn off for me?

cyberi4a said...

I love that guy from the Big Bang Theory clip, he was funny. But I kept picturing in my mind that was who you were sucking off while reading the blog and it didn't sound

barelythere80 said...

If a guy laughed like that I'd probably just leave.. that would be a serious mood kill.

naughtypundit said...

I love autistic guys. Yeah they're quirky. And you have to be very careful about them getting too attached. But they're extremely honest and loyal. Light up like Christmas trees when getting off. And make great tops and cocksuckers because they're really thorough. While everyone else has to use poppers or Tina, they're banging away.

Desi.Underground.Gay said...

Why were you scared about him sucking your cock though? Because of the inexperience?

Anonymous said...

> it was a weigh station to where I'd end up

I believe you mean 'way station'.