Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I know it is probably wrong for me to hook up with an impressionable 22 year old. I definitely know it is wrong for me to hook up with someone who is a volunteer where I work, even if he does not volunteer in my area.

But you know, there he is – 22 years old, strapping, big dicked and all of 425 feet from me. At least according to Scruff.

And for the record, it’s not like I reached out to him, he contacted me. And I get that for a 22 year old to do that, there are most likely daddy-issues involved. But I’m a man and susceptible to hard-ons just because the wind blows, let alone the attention of a college-aged lad.

The first time – oh yes, there has been more than once – he only wanted to suck me. Not my ideal, but I had to gain his trust. So down to his knees he went – in my office, after hours. Well mostly after hours. Some folks were still around, but they were sparse. We had to be quiet and I told him so. I knew I could keep my mouth shut, and though his would be full, I didn’t know his moaning situation.

The kid might have been 22 (I say ’22’ a lot here, don’t I?) but he was no novice. No sir. He had some very experienced lips and throat. In the back of my mind, I thought maybe his daddy-issues stemmed from daddy himself. Or maybe that was my hope. And by ‘maybe’ I mean ‘definitely’….my hope, that is, not necessarily the reality. While he was working on my rod, he pulled out his own. Impressive doesn’t begin to cover it. Big, meaty, thick. While he was barely a man, he had a man’s cock to be sure. I’m sure some in his high school and college gyms gave second looks in awe or envy. Or lust. Or all three.

“Ben” tugged on his meat while he expertly sucked mine.

The thrill of having him there, along with where were doing it spurred me on faster than I would have normally taken. I told him it would be a big load and to be prepared. I also confirmed that he would swallow. He took it all like a champ. Like I said, he was no novice – not by a long shot. Even experienced cocksuckers will gag or eventually pull off my cock before I’m done shooting. Not Ben. Every single drop was ingested. He was good.

Immediately when he was done, he showed signs of being right at the edge of his own orgasm and I do mean RIGHT at the edge. I swooped down as fast as I could and I technically I got it, but there wasn’t much to get. I think the orgasm was mostly internal – and being 22, you know this wasn’t even the first time he had gotten off today, so the volume was minimal.

The second time, we traded sequences. I was the one on my knees first.

The cock was fucking beautiful. And he had big, swinging nuts.

Here is where Mr. 22 Year Old lacked. He was a clumsy feeder. Ben didn’t quite have the movements down most of the time. He could not time his thrusting to my bobbing, no matter how many times I tried to readjust things on my end. I realize that I couldn’t educate him right then, so I took the initiative to change the pace, but to no avail. No matter what I did, his movements were awkward and inexperienced. Clearly, the experience he had was on his knees, not in the feeding category. But this is what your 20s are for………or teens for some of us………to learn how to feed and eat. I considered this part of his education.

I will give him this, he knew how to grab a head and fuck a face. Or he knew the idea to do it, even if the mechanics weren’t all that fluid. This is a skill he will refine over time, no doubt. And I’m happy to help him practice said skill.

His load was ok. Nothing great, but again, I’ll defer that being younger, and remembering what it was like to be that age, the act of getting off was a frequent occurrence, every single day. Still, I took every drop like he had done to me and showed I could do as well as he. I wouldn’t say he was impressed, but guys that age rarely are, or rarely show it.

The third time, it was just me on my knees. No reciprocation. The clumsiness was still there. The face fucking took center stage more often than not, though he allowed me to basically worship his phallus. My tongue would run along the underside of his shaft, then the side, then around the head, all before swallowing him down to his pubes. Then the face fucking would begin again.

Again, the load was ok, but for me, at least with him, it was about showing him what a good mouth can do on a great cock.

He wanted to watch me jack off and shoot after he was done, but you know me, jacking off isn’t really my thing. I played along for a bit knowing I would never shoot. And eventually he had to get back to his volunteering duties. Though if I could sign-off on his learning abilities in this position, I would. I just don’t think whomever he reported to would appreciate as much as some of you.


Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, that's quite the beauty of a cock. So... How does one sign up to volunteer with you? Ha!

Anonymous said...

One of my pet peeves is a feeder who can't adjust to my rhythm and can't develop one of his own. But in your cawe, I think his magnificent dick would help make up for it!

Paul, NYC

cyberi4a said...

Just think what he must be telling his friends about the benefits at your place of business.....LOL

Claudio Elias Do Nascimento said...

Jesus Cristo Esta Voltando