Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cold As Ice

It's been a while.   Miss me???

I've been bad - - at least when it comes to writing. On the other hand, I've been ok, just not bad enough......if you know what I mean.

Sorry about the unexcused absence.

Yes, the KISS guy has already returned.

...and he brought this.....

I gotta say, I'm not a dildo guy. I find them awkward for the most part. Granted, I haven't played with them that much, but my dexterity to reaching between my legs and fucking myself with one has never been great. Nor was reaching behind me to impale myself on one the easiest thing either.

And even more rare, was someone using one on me.

That said, I'm up for new adventures. The more the day wore on - as I knew he would be bringing a balled, glass dildo - the more I found myself getting a chub.

So he showed - and in his pocket I saw something wrapped in protective gear. I guess that stands to reason, as one wouldn't want cracked or chipped glass anywhere. I know I wouldn't.

The session started with a little frottage....on both our parts. Then I was down on my knees sucking his cock. That did not last that long.

He actually teased my nipples, though a little harder than the previous time. I'm not complaining - just a statement of fact. Then his hand rubbed my 'taint and beyond, grazing my asshole to the point I shivered.

He told me to lay back on the home office desk. The heat had mostly been off up there, so I lay my shirt down on the desk to lessen the shock that would be the cold. I waited for the glass to emerge, but all I got was a painted finger - then two - put up my hole.

I've said it before - I'm not a fan of fingers. I find them too boney. Rarely have they ever made me feel good. This was no exception, though I think I put on a good show of pretending that I enjoyed them.

Finally he reached for the covered object. In the protective fabric, it also contained lube and poppers. He came prepared.

The moment he pressed the "head" of the dildo to my ass I shivered. Literally.

He must have had the thing in his car for a while. It was freezing.  .....and yet it felt so incredibly good.

I've mentioned before that I have had guys put ice cubes up my ass.....or had me put them up my ass while they watched. And I have inserted cubes up other guys too...and then licked out the melting water.

But this was freezing cold - in a good way. And iciness combined the ridges - for lack of a better word - sent me over the edge. Well, not literally, as you know I don't cum that easily.

Still, his actions made me quiver and shiver, all in good ways.

He was slow with it - methodical even. Gauging his actions based on my reaction. And then he'd switch it up, whether it be slower, faster, deeper or teasing. The joke is - it was all good.

At some point, he sat in a chair and had me suck his cock while I fucked myself with his glass dildo. That worked too, though he did it better than I did it to myself. Isn't that always the way - I mean, unless it's masturbation.

Soon enough, he substituted cold glass for warm flesh.

With my back on the desk he just rode me, all the while pushing his dyed mane out of his face time and again. Oh - and playing with my nipples.

It didn't take him that long. We were both primed.

He made the inside of my ass warmer when he shot his huge load into my guts.

As soon as he was done, he was dressed and gone.

......until next time he's horny.

I guess my big question is:  do I need one of these glass things?  Or was it just a situational high?


BlkJack said...

I would pass on the glass objects, ezpecially during the winter. Nothing replaces the "real" thing!

Btw, I did miss you!
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Bruce Chang said...

but like you said, it's better when someone has control using it on you...
and i can't tell if the line "i have a glass dildo you can shove up my ass" would broaden your play circle or tighten it... ha!

John said...

Well. That DEFINITELY was worth waiting for. (And yes, we missed you, but then, you knew that already).

cyberi4a said...

Yes we've missed you.

Home alone with a dildo can be very boring, it's just not the same as a real person or at least like you had, a real person there with you. So unless you are going to get one and use it while someone else it there, think twice before getting on. But on the other hand, is could be a art piece you leave out as a conversation piece when guests are over :-)

Explorer Jack said...

No comments, eh? I was curious too if anyone else owned one and wanted to chime in.

Well, I have much less experience that you in these matters, so I can offer no practical advice, but I follow your blog and have little doubt you can afford one, so why the fuck not? What's the worst that could happen?

If you don't like it, leave it in the utensil drawer in the company break room as a joke, and it will at least be good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Up to anything new?