Sunday, June 05, 2016


Yes, with all the men at CLAW, I had yet another repeat. It's the devil you think you know.

This Sir I had been corresponding with for a while and met up with three years ago. That was great and very memorable.

I saw him last year as well, but out schedules never meshed for a second go round. We both had competing opportunities. It's all good.

The plan was, this year, to meet up again. The plan was to have more frozen sperm for my asshole. And to add fresh to it as well. And while we texted and emailed, we had both been there a few days, but not crossed paths. And he was there with a boy.

Now, I will admit to be savvy in some things, but the Boy / Sir thing still throws me. I see it time and time again. Yes, he had a boy, but the boy was spending time with his Master. And to be clear, the Sir was not his Master. I always think of slavery - in the homo world - to be owned by a man. Maybe lent out, but not to have another dom in the non-polyamorous relationship.

Call me old-fashioned, if I had a true Sir, I'd answer only to him.

I'm sure they all have it worked out, I just do not understand all the dynamics. That's on me, not them.

We missed each other the first day or two, but one morning I was headed to his room. But the best laid plans......well, you know the rest of that phrase.

RC was there and still hot as ever. It did not bode well for me when he started off the conversation that he'd been out until late and got off with any number of guys. In the back of my head, I felt this would make it more difficult for me to ascertain his semen. But at least I'd have the frozen batches he had with him.

Well, I would have had them, had he brought them.  Semi-strike two.

The great thing with RC is that he still has his attitude - one of superiority, at least over me. He has the verbal chops. He has the right ideas. Or you could make an argument that they are the wrong ones. I like the wrong ones.

To start off, it was just him and myself. I thought a third would be there, but was not upon my arrival. Of course I sucked - at least that's how we started out. I also took a few fingers up my ass as well.

I did notice that RC was having trouble maintaining an erection while I sucked and while we played. I was hoping to change that, but I was having very little luck in that department.  Going by his schedule the previous day, I didn't fret to much that he wasn't excited about me.

When it came to fucking, he couldn't quite get his dick there. He kept saying how tight I was.

And where I'd like to be virgin tight sometimes, in all honesty, I am not. You read this blog - you know I can't be.

The reality was he wasn't hard enough. I didn't say anything, but was hoping our dirty talk and our history would get him to the point of penetration. It did, but not for long enough. While blowing him - again - he was texting his friend. Soon there was a knock on the door.

He came in - mixed race, average height and looks. His pants came off and his cock was meaty. Thick, long enough. Big nuts.

Soon my head was hanging off the bed while he plunged his shaft down my throat. With me taking it to the root.

The man made me gag. And I do like to be gagged. I swear I could taste his last night exploits on him. But I was having the same issues. Or he was - a full dick, but not a particularly hard one.

The second guy tried to fuck me too. Again, he said I was too tight, when I could feel a drooping noodle hitting my crack.

I get there is a certain stigma to not being able to get up, but when did the bottom being "too tight" become the cop out for that? I get it's not really a put-down to call me too tight, but they had no trouble saying it. And I wouldn't dare point out to them that it's not me - it's you, but clearly it wasn't reciprocal on their end.

I guess the ego needs to be protected. I get it. Especially when you're a top.

I tried sucking both again. I even ate ass.

Pulling cheeks apart to get to the pucker so my tongue would go in deeper. I tasted the funk and I was fine with that.

The second guy tried to fuck me again - with no success. But RC was hard-ish and jacking.  He told me to get on my stomach and I did. With a swift entry, he planted deep and unloaded.

I can't say I got fucked, but I was a depository for his load - and to him, that is all I was anyway. He's made that clear in the past.

That was enough to get guy two to unload on my hole and it was pushed in. All of it.

It seem for here, I wasn't a fuck, but a load collector. And that would just have to be ok.

It was firmly implanted.

And soon I was dressed and on my way.


Bruce Chang said...

Umph! That ass! It'd be the first time I've fetched a load but if I saw that in person, I'd be all over it.

cyberi4a said...

You started out saying the last time was great and as I read on I was thinking how you can never go back sometimes and have something be just as great as the first time.

Liked the last photo.