Monday, May 30, 2016

Nothing But Attitude

While at CLAW, I was setting up my area. There were other volunteers were supposed to be doing things as directed by myself, but everyone was cooperative.

At first, I didn't know they were a couple.

Well "a couple" at a leather event could mean just about anything. As it would turn out, they were Sir and boy. Well, one of Sir's boys. He had two.....with him at least. He might have had more. He didn't say. I didn't ask.

I don't remember how it started. I think with a pinch of my nipple has Sir walked by. I responded on multiple levels - I'm sure an eyebrow raised. I'm positive a noise was made. And after he did it a few more times, my kilt tented out.

Mind you, the area was buzzing with set-up, but not open to the public as of yet. And I'm guessing the vendors have seen just about a little of everything in the past - that is, if they haven't participated.

While Sir played with my nips - medium then very very hard - I didn't even notice his boy get behind me. All of the sudden his arms went through my arms and pulled them back in a vice like grip. They were pinned by him behind my back. This gave his Sir opportunity.

It's not like I was fighting it.

His hand went under my kilt. He was impressed by my dick, though he wasn't going to do anything with it. I think he was checking for arousal, though one could easily see that with the kilt still on.

Then he tugged the fuck out of my nuts. This did nothing to deflate my penis.

I'm an obedient boy, so I don't care if people were watching - and some were, but I'm guessing this is fairly tame, other than being in the vendor mart. Still, I'm obedient enough not to say "no", and I just go with the flow in what this Sir wanted.

Still, work was to be done and a timeline to be adhered to, so we went back about out duties, though now and again he would grope, grab, pinch or slap part of me.

I suppose I should mention that there was nothing special about this man - at least in the looks department. Clearly he was Jewish, and that is more than fine with me. I rarely play with anyone from my tribe. He was a little on the heavy side, but at the time I wouldn't go so far as to say 'fat'.

It wasn't his looks at all - it was his confidence. His bravado. You've heard me say it before, it's more about the attitude than it is the looks. Well, at least to a degree.

The two finished their shift and Sir took my digits because he wanted to fuck me later. Telling me - whispering to me - that he wouldn't be pulling out and wouldn't be wearing a rubber.

It made me smile on two levels. A. it was hot.  B. this was CLAW - the bigger surprise would have been if he said he would only wear a rubber.

I saw him / them around later, but barely an acknowledgement. That's ok. There are lots of guys at an event like this. I was a passing fancy. It's not like I was sitting on my hands waiting for a text or call.

Yet on the last day, he texts me. He's sending his boys out for a while and wants me to come by. I agree. He says he bought me something at the vendor mart.  I'm assuming he is speaking tongue in cheek. And in a way he is. He purchased a new paddle.

Now, I've said before here, I don't mind a little rough play. But save for the occassional slap on the ass while taking dick, I can't say anyone has ever really paddled me. Maybe here and there, but it's not a regular thing for me.

It wasn't horrible, but I am thinking he could have been harder. The pre-orchestrated hitting doesn't do a lot for me, though I kind of like the spontaneous hit much better. Rather have it come somewhat out of left field.

At this time I was ordered to take off his boots - and this was after I licked them all over, including the underside. While I was doing that, he was telling me all where he walked to that day with them on. It did not deter me. The boots were not really that dirty, but they were much cleaner by the time my tongue was done with them.

As I got to taking off his clothes, he goes on to tell me that he's had two blood clots and is on blood thinners. Sometimes due to that he can't get hard (fuck!), but reassures me that if he cannot get erect, it is no reflection on me. He finds me desirable, but sometimes it just does not work.

When his clothes were all off, that time earlier in this post when I said "at this time I couldn't call him fat", now I might. The clothes he picked hid a multitude of sins. And the boner he was sporting while abusing me in the vendor area, was there, but it felt bigger than it looked when incased in denim.

Right now, all he had going for him was hit attitude.

I could get into the details of the sex, but there was nothing nearly as interesting about it as the come on at the vendor area. He ended up fucking me - twice, and me getting his load - twice. That was good. Unexpected, but ok. The fuck it self was nothing great. And with so many "Sirs", his concern for my well being and making me happy kind of diminished his authority.

I know some will say that just because he's nice it doesn't mean he's not in charge, but I do like a stronger willed man and the reality is, I could have easily made suggestions enough that he would have bowed to my will and needs.  And that's just not the way it should be.

Still - the deed was done. There were other men to meet at CLAW.


cyberi4a said...

Shows what a hot fuck you are since he wasn't sure he could get it up and you got two loads out of him. Sounds like you gave him something his two boy toys can't give him all the time since he picked you as someone he wanted.

Anonymous said...

Knot me please boy