Sunday, June 11, 2017


He was hands-down one of the hottest men I’ve been with. Ever.

I mostly mean physically, but he’s got it down in other areas too. #His profile only had a shot of a partial chest and a white gym towel around his nether region. But it was a nice body. And he was 34 and hitting me up…….so why not flirt a bit?

So I didn’t know what he looked like exactly when I invited him over. That has never been a prerequisite. But he was responsive on Scruff and engaged. And he wanted someone to get him off. That pretty much fills the prerequisites, does it not?

He parked on the street and walked up the drive. It is then I spied with my little eye a striking man as he strode towards the door. 6’3”, 200 pounds. His brown hair was buzzed down to the skin on either side of his head, and in the back. What he left on top was full and thick, but maintained. Not quite a high top, but not quite hipster either. The man was solid from head to toe.

An earlier text to me read, “my little flaccid cock is gonna grow so big in your fucking mouth”. That turned me on! Talk like that is way better than someone quoting Byron or Yates. It turns out he’d have a solid and actual 8” hanging between his legs. And when I helped him drop his jeans, he wasn’t so little or flaccid.

This guy was all man.

As I am apt to do when I worship cock, as opposed to just sucking cock, I was deliberate in how I unhooked his pants. How I slowly took down a zipper, all the while watching his face, as I looked up at him from my clearly subservient position. How I pull them down slightly, but not all the way to start. It build up anticipation on both sides. You see the exposed cotton of their briefs or boxers, should they be wearing any. And he was.

I looked up at him before leaning in. It wasn’t for permission as it was more about intent. I nuzzled his covered slab with my face. I let him feel my face with his crotch. Even through the fabric, we could both feel each other’s heat from each other. It was then it was just no longer my face, but isolated to my lips and mouth. It’s about tracing his growing member with my mouth. Gently gnawing on the cotton mound. ….and then maybe a little less gently, figuring out what this man’s threshold might be.

As it turns out, he’s good with aggressive gnawing. He seemed like he’d be good with aggressive anything.

I expected his verbal skills to be good, and he did not disappoint. He had the right amount of erotic, filthy and degradation that I desire. And all without prompting. He was a good one to call me a “faggot” and a “cocksucker”. It boned me up in my suit pants.

Yes, I had just gotten home from the office….still in a tie and all, though the suit jacket had been removed. Nothing else had. Or would. His interest wasn’t really in my body or my could-be exposed dick. I wanted it to be about his cock……….and I think he did too. Mind you, I did end up pulling down my trousers as he wanted to see my ass, but it was never about my dick.

The cock was just perfection. I was secretly hoping this guy had some kind of flaw, and I’m sure he does, but during this encounter, I found none.

At some point, of course, I lowered his brief and took him into my mouth. There was an audible sigh / moan at the point of mouth to dick contact. He seemed to enjoy the feeling. I was enjoying the filling. I have to believe this is a man who could get a blowjob anytime he wanted, and yet he still seemed to truly appreciate the feeling of a mouth on his cock.

Seamlessly, we immediately worked as a team. I’d impale myself on his shaft as much as he‘d slam it into my mouth and throat. Sometimes his hands would grasp the side of my face or back of my head, sometimes he let me do all the work.

He had a dirty mouth too……calling me a cocksucker and meaning it. The talk wasn’t just talk. Perhaps it was sense of self-loathing he was projecting. Perhaps he just made himself feel better by demeaning the cocksucker giving him pleasure. What he didn’t really know was how hard his words were making me. Some guys I want to know it’s turning me on. Some guys I don’t – so it feeds them to do it more. He was one of those.

Grabbing onto his legs for support, those thighs were fucking tree trunks. Solid. Large. Unmovable, that is, if I even wanted him to deviate from his position. I didn’t.

He was insistent, but not in a hurry. Forceful but not abusive. Demeaning, but oh so nice to look at. #I could feel his cock bounce in my mouth, during those times when I just let him hold it in there – where he wasn’t fucking my face or I wasn’t bobbing on the shaft. I got him close a few times, but either he would back off, or I would. I know I didn’t want it to end too quickly, and I’d like to think he did not as well.

Still, all good things must cum to an end. When he did it was in volleys. Lob after lob of hot sperm. It filled my mouth, but didn’t choke me. I’m not a novice. I held as much as I could, savoring the thickness and the taste. Sure, some jizz slid down my throat, as I had to make more room for what he was providing.

I wasn’t, and you won’t be, surprised that it wasn’t bitter, but good tasting cum. There wasn’t a bad thing about this guy.

Before I swallowed, I showed him the vast amount of his seed taking up temporary residence in my mouth. He snickered. I swallowed.

Of course I probably fantasized some kind of connection, he seemed to be into it…..into me. He even mentioned ‘next time’ bending me over the desk and fucking me. I should have insisted on it right then and there, had I known he’d just ghost me and never be seen on-line again.


BlkJack said...

Soooo fuckin' hot. This post is what dreams are made of. Thanks for sharing.

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cyberi4a said...

I liked you 'spy' shot, nice to put a face to a cock pic when reading about you hot times.

Luv2SwallowJizz said...

Hot story! He was a hot ass feeder for sure! Most guys don't really do well with the verbal but love to find one that does!

Unknown said...

This was an incredible description of your incredible encounter with this dreamy stud. I believe we are a lot a like if this scenario and your sensibilities in telling about it are typical of you... Just came upon your blog via a web search. I will have to read about more of your adventures! For me personally and sexually I'm all about awesome anonymous adventures, almost exclusively Gloryholes -- with hung fit white studs...