Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CLAW 2017 #2

As it has happened, each year for the last three at CLAW, one certain guy always hits me up. Oddly, I never see him out and about during the weekend event. And oddly, he always hits me up on the last morning of CLAW via Recon. I seem to be his parting gift, the possible last person to get his load of the weekend.

Each time is in his hotel room. Each time he answers in varying stages of dressed in leather. Each time he has mirrored aviator sunglasses on. He still had that fumanchu moustache that really seemed to work for him. Each time, his 6.5”, super thick cock, is erect and ready. I have to do no priming. I just have to get to my knees.

Yes, it was yet another blowjob. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving head and I know I’m good at my job. Great at it, even. I have zero idea if this guy is into fucking, but it seems he isn’t into fucking me at the very least. Or maybe he’s like the last guy and just thinks I give the best head ever. Yeahhhhh…..that’s it.

Yet there I was, knocking on his hotel door Sunday morning, soon to be on my knees servicing his fat fucking cock. He said all the right things. He called me all the right names. I felt his hands on my head. I “let him” fuck my face. I submitted the way I was supposed to. Like the previous two years, we started standing, went to him laying back on this bed, me between his spread legs and ending with him standing…again. We have a pattern………………………apparently.

There is nothing out of the ordinary regarding this blowjob. It was standard, by the books in terms of style. #Of course I got him close. Of course, I got him off. I was a “good faggot”. I got every single drop of his load. I swallow it too. I squeezed it after withdrawing it from my mouth to see if I could get another drop – and so that he could see me do it.

Don’t quote me on this, but I bet I see him in about 10 months.

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cyberi4a said...

Looks like he has thick hairy pubes/balls