Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bad Attitude I

There's something to be said for a guy with a bad attitude. And maybe that's the wrong phrase. Cocky. Self-Assured. Either might be more appropriate. Clearly something in life has these guys thinking they are the shit. You'd think it's about dick size - but that's not always the case. As you'll see throughout my posts - these are the types of guys I am drawn to. It has nothing to do w/looks or dick size. Those are always pluses.....but never the motivating factor.

I met this guy one night in an adult bookstore. Sweat pants, tshirt. Balding. Pock-marked face. But I will say, I was immediately drawn to him. He wasted no time locking the door behind us and pulling down his sweats. Nothing between his boys and the athletic pants. Biggest dick I had seen on a white guy. Maybe 10" but FAT FAT FAT. Oh - and uncut.

Without hesitation or a word he pushed me to my knees. I was happy to go there. Turns out it might BE my happy place. At the beginning, going down on his was not an issue. The closer I got to his bush - the harder I struggled. He didn't care. He pushed me down on it further - making me gag....making my eyes water.

When he realized I wasn't going to get it all down, he picked me up by my armpits and turned me around and pushed my shorts around my ankles then told me to put one foot up on the bench. I did as told w/out hesitation or question.

Also w/out hesitation, he placed taht monster at my hole and shoved in. I knew enough not to yelp out loud (since it was supposed to be one person per booth). He got all the way in and did the deed. No finesse. Nothing about me. All about him. And he kept it up until I heard him grunt once. The deed was done.

A minute later he unceremoniously pulled out of my ass and his sweats were back in place. Without looking back at me, he unlatched the door and walked out.

Me being the pathetic pig I was tried to get myself together and headed to the parking lot - but he was long gone.

Luckily for me - it was not my last encounter with him. Nor was it the nastiest or most impersonal.

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