Monday, July 25, 2005

Charlie & me

By the time I was 17, I was regularly having sex of some kind - though not w/a regular person/persons. The entire events were very transient.

One guy was a hot mf and clearly into just getting his nut anyway he could. His name was Charlie - and he had a weird weird relationship (i thought) with a neighbor of ours. Mr. Porter was divorced and in his 40s. This was the '70s an Mr. Porter was the first person anyone in our neighborhood knew to ever be divorced.

Anyway - Charlie, who was in his mid-20s, would stay at the Porter's house. Mr. Porter had sole custody of his 3 teenage kids too. I figured (or was it wished?) that Charlie was some kind of 'son' to Mr. Porter (who was not bad looking at all), but never got the clear scoop on that.

I'm not sure how it ever started, but around this time I started giving Charlie head in their house. He'd have me suck it....he'd hold me down on it when he came. After I swallowed every drop, he'd tell me what a good boy I was and send me on my way.

Eventually Charlie took to fucking me. He wasn't the first and he figured that out right quick. He'd like me laying on my stomach while he took me from behind. Maybe he didn't like to be reminded that he was fucking a guy. Or a kid. Or both. Gentle he was not....and it didnt' matter. His 7" would violate me (or so he thought) and he'd get to ejaculate the way guys in their 20s like to.

During what would become one of our last sessions, he was pumping me and says into my ear: 'you know, Bernie knows everything that goes on in his house!' That got me excited b/c not only were we doing it in Mr. Porter's bed, but I somehow thought we were being watched and that Mr. Porter would be next to fuck my ass.

Unfortunatey, that did not happen. Not long after, Charlie moved out to g-d knows where. If Mr. Porter really did know what went on - he never said, nor did he ever seem interested. Damn.

I only bring any of this up b/c last week, a driver on a freeway cut Mr. Porter off and he went left of center and was killed. I almost showed to the viewing - since I knew the family, but also for the perverse pleasure of seeing if Charlie would be there.

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