Friday, July 29, 2005

Convention Center Suck

I love going to conventions. I'm out of the office. I'm business casual. I'm anonymous.

Different city. Different men. Usually 1000s of men. They're anonymous.

The conference I attend are not small. Usually upwards of 10,000 folks (including the vendor exhibit). Trolling on-line prior to leaving you can always find guys from whatever city you're going to and make some plans for encounters. Sometimes those same guys are in town for the exact same dates you are.

Last year I was in Orlando for an annual meeting and their new convention center is HUGE - even by convention center standards. There were work stations in the place for users to retrieve their email. Logging on to mine, I found I had a response from a well-placed internet ad and the guy happened to be at the same meeting. Convenient!

Before responding, I took a lay of the land and scoped out every fuckin restroom at the center. Coordinated those places with sessions being held (or not) to see what we could get away with. I found a number of them and proceeded to reply to the email, providing my cell number.

Within minutes my phone was ringing. It was him and he was interested. Great for me - he wasn't hesitant about using a bathroom stall do dump his seed, so that was the big hurdle. The other one was - these places were dead during the vendor exhibit. Unfortunately, he was a vendor.

It took some coaxing, but I told him to break free from his co-workers and join me for 10 minutes. I mean - what bathroom blowjob is taking longer than that? Luckily he worked for a major player and they had an overflow of guys working the crowd.

He shows at the appointed time. And for those who have dealt with vendors - he's the kind of guy you love to hate. Slick. Cocky. Arrogant. But it's everything I love about a feeder. (plus he wore a wedding band.)

There were two stalls prior to the handicapped one, which I chose, since you couldn't see any feet from underneath if someone walked in. He followed me in and latched the door. In no time flat he unzipped and pulled out a beautifully fat 7" dick. I went in and took out his nuts which were huge. "Hurry up - I don't got all fuckin day" he down I went. Sitting on the toilet I took him all the way down and he groaned as softly as he could.

I can only imagine a vendor's life. On the road away from the wife - which could be bad - or he could be a complete player, which could be great. And this was working for me. He immediately started to pump my face and i was WAY into it.

Just then someone came in to use a urinal. My feeder stopped for minute then slid himself back in my mouth. I looked up at him and he had his fingers to his lips, like for me to be quiet, but clearly he wanted me to continue. I did. I kept my sucking noises to a minimum while the guy pissed....and pisssed and pissed. He went forever.

As he was zipping up and went to wash his hands, my feeder grabbed my head tight. Without a sound he started dumping his load in my mouth. The water running in the sink was the only sound in the bathroom.

My guy pulls out. Winks at me....zips up and leaves.

I love conventions.

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