Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In w/a Bang (pt 2 of 2)

So go figure......after one old man load and one regular man load (one end each, respectively), I wasn't satisfied. Or maybe I was physically, but such is the life of the addict. It's not about what you get or have - it's about what's still out there to be had.

The day was winding down - the folks who were actually using the park for what the law considers legitimate behaviour were thinning out. The ones hanging around were perverts like me. Ok....maybe they weren't perverts - but it's unmistakable that I probably would fall into that bucket.

I backtracked to one part of the park that had a truck in the lot. Making my way back to the woods another car pulled in the lot. In the woods, the truck must have had a family who was fishing. Deftly avoiding them, I went deeper into the trails. The other guy followed. He was ok. 6', 200 lbs. A little wimpy....but whatta gonna do?

His dick was a little small to begin with - but it was a grower. A good sized thickness at that. He was a little too passive for me. He let me suck but could not commit to anything unless I demanded it. Can you be a bottom and still be a feeder? It seemed so wrong. But I got a load out of him using my mouth. He pulled back to soon and some squirted in my goatee. The hottest part was that he lapped it clean. Fuckin pig! :)

As I headed back to through the woods, thinking that I was done for the day, I heard the fishing family leave. So I decided to hang back and let them vacate. Glad I did too. When I looked up, there was a decent looking guy coming down the path. A little out of sorts for this type of cruising - nice shirt, decent pants and shoes along w/a euro pair of eyeglasses. Personally, I dress like I'm hiking the woods - just in case. I could be 'birding' or whatever (ok, I don't bring binoculars, but........), but this guy is trekking thru the woods for sex. Plain and simple.

As he approaches and passes me he gropes himself. A good sign. But he's not savvy enough to move deeper out of site of anyone who might approach from any direction. I had to take the lead there. Take it down an off-path and there were were. In no time, he was on his knees, unbuttoning my jeans and taking out my dick. He had a good mouth. An experienced mouth. Wet and sloppy plus those noises some guys make as they GULP the cock. Intake of air, saliva and eating all at once.

After a few he stood up and I went down on his 7". Thin, but nice. He told me he had a big load and I asked him what he wanted to do w/it. W/out hesitating, he said 'plant it up your ass'. I winked at him and went down on his cock. I got it nice and slimey w/my spit. Ribbons of white, bubbly spit.

I proceeded to stand up and drop my 501s to my knees. Again, w/the not being able to find the hole. I guided him to the entry of love (HA!) and in he went. No ceremony. No finesse. Just to the balls. I'm a man, I could handle it.

I'm not sure if he could, but I saw a guy approaching. I've seen him before and knew he was ok. Maybe not cool, but ok. An odd-ish sort. He's back in the woods often, and always w/something in a coffee cup. He exudes hotness, never wants to play - but now and again can be swayed into watching. He's got a wedding ring on (not that means a fuckin' thing), so I'm not sure what his story is. (see my 10/31/05 post) I don't care - I don't mind being watched.

I tell the fucker that there is someone coming, but he's cool and to keep going. He never breaks stride The guy w/the travel-mug is about 8 ft away and staring intently - as most guys who come upon fucking will do. Creatures of habit we all are, as a gender. Driven by sex and/or the idea of sex.

Travel-mug guy inches a little closer. I love that he doesn't rub himself or anything. It's like he's a birder - watching nature, taking it all in. How animals act, their mating calls, their mating habits - the works. I love watching guys who are watching me too. It's almost like sometimes the person I'm having sex w/is secondary.....or is that tertiary?

I'm broken out of my mode of travel-mug guy by the man fucking me. He is close and we all know it - but I have to state the obvious to the guy watching. "He's gonna shoot in me!". Travel-mug guy just grins and says 'oh yeah'. The fucking guy just buries himself deep and silently dumps his seed.

As he coming off his orgasm, travel-mug guy just gives a thumbs up and walks back down the path. The fucker-guy can't get out of there any quicker too....but takes off down another path.

Me? I just pull my 501s on, button up and head home. ....and txt message a man to tell him what I've just done.

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