Friday, May 19, 2006

Pseudo 3 Way

Why 'pseudo' - you ask? Well b/c only two of us were physically there. Another was there on the phone - but the guy fucking me just didn't know it.

You can go back to some of my earlier posts to find a stories of contentious relationship (ok, 'relationship' is toooooo strong of word) I've had w/a an attorney. It's sex. No dating. Barely any talk. Just tongue on his hole. Tongue on his boots. Dick in my hole.

Actually, I'm fine w/a sex-n-go kind of thing. Why muddle it down w/the crap that is life?

To be honest, after one of my last posts on him, I was done w/him. I thought he was done w/me too - and I was wrong. I hate when that happens. After a few months of no contact, he emailed me out of the blue. I was telling a certain Sir in Chicago about it and we determined he was probably mind-fucking w/me. For weeks I'd get sporadic emails and no follow through. Indeed, I began to believe of and in the mind fuck.

Chicago Sir suggested I abstain from sex awhile back - to which I allude in my past two posts. But lately, he's been excited for me to pursue and obtain sexual contact that results in capturing the results of a man's orgasm. Yes - he wants me to take their sperm. I know - you're all shocked that I'd ever consider doing something hot! But what could I do? I was told to.

What you might be surprised at is when he told me to get the lawyer to fuck me again. If you go look back at some posts in February (?), after some weird melt-down I had, Chicago Sir and I decided to mind-fuck w/this guy ourselves. But now, all bets were off.

Two days ago, I fulfilled the wishes of the lawyer and my chicago 'friend' and hit the attorney's loft after work. But not w/out arrangements. Prior to entering I called Sir. With no words from me, I left the phone on. He wanted to hear our interaction. Who am I to say 'no'?

The plan between lawyer and me was that he wanted me to be vocal and nasty. The reality w/lawyer is he almost always changes his mind on the details of what he wants. Times he wanted to suck my dick - never happened. Times he wanted me to cum on his shoes and lick it off - never happened. A time he wanted ME to fuck HIM - didn't happen. But I figured the talking nasty thing would be a breeze. It didn't really happen.....which was a problem for my entire phone scenario.

I locked his door after entering and went to his living area. I was told to lick his boots (the ones I foolishly bought for him!). Well, it's hard to be vocal w/the tip of a cowboy boot in your mouth....or your tongue pressed to the sole or heel. And he wasn't doing anything but light moaning as he stroked his cock. I was highly aware that these sounds weren't getting through and I was boring the listener on the other end.

By the time he wanted to take it to the bedroom, I had an opportunity to see that the call had been dropped or he hung-up. I redailed and headed to the bedroom. There I got to lick his ass. I will say this about the lawyer - he's got a nice tasty hole to lick, eat or tongue fuck. He clearly loves it.

We speculate that attorney-boy is one big bottom except when it comes to me. He has bottom tendencies. Chicago Sir would have loved for me to seed him - but the reality is, I haven't fucked anyone (let alone to ejaculation) for at least 4 years. I'm just not cut out for that. Let's face it - I'm the fuckee.

I was trying to be more vocal about my ass eating. He was vocal too - just face in the mattress. So I'm sure not picked-up by my Treo.

After a long annilingus session, he wanted me back in the hallway to fuck me. And fuck me he did. Hard - but not nearly long enough. Is it ever? I tried talking nasty. He told me to keep my mouth he usually does. And not only not following through on his plan (again), but thwarting our little plotting so a man in another state could hear me get bred.

Lawyer-boy did announce that he was going to shoot - something he's never done. I told him to make me feel it. I do love the way his cock pumps and I can feel every throb of his blood vessels.

As usual, after he pulls out - before I can even straighten up (let alone pull pants up) he is tucked away and walking away. This time saying - 'you know where the door is'.

I reached the outter hall and saw that Sir was still on the line. I waited to get outside to talk to him. He had heard almost nothing at boot-licking time, but heard some stuff while ass eating and butt fucking time. To be honest, being right there and I could sometimes barely make out what the lawyer was saying.

But he emailed me the next morning he admonished me for not thanking him for the fuck. As always, he wanted it both thanking for him and not being allowed to talk. He mentioned I was tighter than I had been (it had been months..........for him) and it was the best fuck he's had in awhile. BINGO for me!

....then he wanted to know when I would take his load again.

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