Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chicago III

Luckily, when I was in Chicago, I had the foresight to book an extra night at the hotel and not fly home straight away. And the work meeting ended at 1:30p. I thought this would give me ample time to play.

I set-up most of my meetings via craigslist - and it worked well. Again, the flakes were out and about, but I like to think I can spot the interested parties from their initial response. I was straight forward in my ad - figuring it was approaching late afternoon on a Friday.

"Get off after Getting off (work)" was the title. I ended up w/about a dozen and a half responders. I started attempting to arrange scheduling. Some wanted small groups. Some didn't. Then there was the matter of them heading out of their office and when. I tried to stagger them - and was pretty lucky at it. Then were the guy who didn't bother to respond to the response or worse, didn't show at all. I mean really - why bother?? Is there some thrill in stringing a cocksucker along? Or in pretending you'd actually go through w/the act?

But first guy who showed was 'Oscar'.

Hey guy-Str8/bi white collar guy getting off work at 3pm. Looking to stop by and give you my 4 day load. I'm 28, 5'10", 155, br/br. athletic, smooth, 7" cut. Here's a pic of my cock.

He was all he said he was, which is always a nice surprise. He sat on the ubiquitous hotel chair and let me suck him. Pushing my head down on his cock - and me taking him all the way down to his pubes. Eventually he took off his pants, which kind of surprised me. He really seemed like the 'cum n go' kind of guy. He wasn't too verbal, but he liked to fuck face. And he delivered a nice load in about 15 minutes. He was barely done shooting when a knock came at my door.

'Oscar' wasn't too put out, but weary nonetheless. I asked guy #2 ('Mark') to give me five minutes. I know this can be the kiss of death. That they bolt b/c they don't want to loiter. Or they figure out you're a slut. But let's face it. I put an ad in a very public place to do a very dirty thing (ok, it's not dirty!) - what are they fucking expecting?
'Mark' wasted no time reappearing as 'Oscar' exited the room. Both got a very good look at each other. So much for discretion.
Mark 5-11, 170; five time marathon racer; age 42; brown hair green eyes; good looking, masculine, assertive/aggressive; 7.5 cut and med thick; 32 waist 40 chest; 3/4 German semi hairy; clean cut & professional here.
Mark too was all he said. But for 42, he looked very boyish in the face. Reddish hair and though he said German he looked all Irish. Body of that marathon runner - and carried his bike wheel w/him. He was in lycra riding gear and a tad bit sweaty. Perfect.
In a corresponding email that I missed, he did ask if I liked more than sucking. Something I obviously didn't answer - but he was sure to ask it again, this time in person. And he was aggressive. Though not full of himself, he clearly liked to watch via mirrors. I'm down w/that. I'm into it too - w/most forms of exhibitionism.
After sucking him so he could look over the desk mirror, he finally asked if he could fuck me. He was hot - so I said yes. Ok.....I probably would have said yes anyway, so what the fuck of it??
We moved over to the slight space between the wall and the closet - which was made of mirrors. I figured he should be able to see him pump ass. He was WAY into that. I lubed him up and got on my knees as he liked to do it doggie. I loved how there was never a question on his part of covering his cock. None. At all. It was assumed on his part (or is it wishful thinking) that I'd just take it unbagged.
At first he couldn't get it in my hole...so I got on my back and guided him in - both of us watching the mirror and not each other. It's like we were tertiary players in this sex act. Eventually we went back to doggie where he went to town pumping my cunt. Like any marathoner, he could pace himself...but knew when to run hard too. I'm not saying he was uncaring - but he was very into himself. It wasn't me in the mirror he was looking at. Partially the act of what we were doing - but mostly at his own prowess. I swear that makes guys more aggressive anyway. So be it.
Again - w/out question if he could or should - he just finished deep up in me. It's the way it should be. No apologies. NEXT!!!!
I'm in town for games - need to explode down a hot guy's throat asap.cute masc 22 6' 155 latino 7" & juicy. work out a big load.
I can't tell you last time I had someone that young. I usually like more experienced guys (though I see a trend in myself looking at younger. Odd.). He was not necessarily the hot latino I was hoping for - but not horrid. I was massively disappointed when I rubbed his denim covered crotch. I could feel NOTHING. I opened up his pants and still barely felt a thing.
Completely disappointed when it came into view. I had never seen a dick this small before. I almost dismissed him. But I stroked him for a bit and it grew, but only incrementally. I put my mouth on it and the dick began to rise. Turns out he did have a full 7" dick. Juicy too - just as he said.


He was hispanic and 22 - and he used my mouth like a 22 yo. Pinned me against the wall and fucked my face. Damn I love that if a guy can truly pull it off. And he did. He was in and out (pun intended) in 10 minutes. Maybe 15. A nice thick load too. Naturally, I took it all. Never missed a drop.

The last guy who actually showed up barely sent words (so not reprinted here), but unsolicitedly sent a face pic. I'd love to share it, but feel that would be disrespectful - and keep other potential guys away thinking that I'll out them.

This guy wanted a group. Fuck - so did I. A number of guys were all for it and of course, never showed. Typical. But RJ stayed the longest. Maybe 90 min.

He was good w/my edging him. He was into all sorts of things. Not all physical, but looking at each other was erotic. Touching too. Built like an older high school wrestler, he was all man. Never taking off his t-shirt, but the rest of his clothes, I went down on him while standing near the door - and eventually working over to the bed.

Spit was the name of the game w/us. Drool. Lugies. You name it. On the face. In the mouth. I took it all. He was good w/a backhand. When I didn't flinch and knew I could take it - it continued. He played w/my nipples just so. Having me silently beg for his cock up my ass. Too silently. He either didn't want it - or missed the signals. As he was the top, I felt the need for him to make that decision - not for me to ask for it.

He had me suck his fingers individually. Then in multiples - until I had a hand in my mouth. This really got him going - as did my blowjobs of his toes. He ended up delivering a nice load into my mouth. With some prompting earlier in the session - he knew to place a tight grip on my throat. And I mean TIGHT. He wanted to see me struggle anyway - but he also wanted to feel me contract my throat muscles in a swallowing motion. Knowing his seed was going down to my belly to join the other two guys who deposited there just an hour or two before.


We played for awhile after his ejaculation too. I thought maybe I could get another one out of him. He thought someone else would show up so he could watch and/or participate. We were both sadly mistaken.

But the afternoon had been somewhat successful - at least on my part. But lets face it - those guys all got something they wanted. We were all sluts. I'm just the one w/the nerve to identify that way.

...and it was only dinner time.

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The Average Joe said...

the best was the top who fucked u. He was really into watching himself fuck and u were just a cum rag for all he cared, and thats hot. A guy takes u as u want, no guy should ask for it to be rubbered up if the top presses his raw cock against your cunt and he should leave it deep in your puss.