Monday, August 14, 2006

Chicago II

Day 2 in Chicago brought me mostly work. I can't say I didn't try to put myself out there, but I didn't go overboard. An ad or two, mostly which were answered by loons. I ended up only hooking up w/one guy. It was supposed to be two - but one always just fuckin' flakes or worse, becomes a weirdo.

I did get one msg on my handheld - from an older gentleman (56) who liked to be 'coach'. He seemed ht/wt proportional - and w/someone willing be 'coach' - who am I to argue. He would be downtown around the time I got off (work) - and he'd be in suit and tie. Perfect.

Well, he turned out to be ok. He showed up at designated time and was quite in character. Well, characters. He ended up switching to 'dad' - which was more to his liking. And that was fine w/me. He didn't stay in his suit nearly as long as I wanted him to - which would have been the entire time.

Dad/Coach had me strip down and he pulled his dick out. A little below average, but who am I to complain. He had the right attitude, but not completely there. More aggressive would have been good. You've seen from my previous posts that aggressive is VERY good.

But there was nothing outstanding here. Some verbal. Some spitting on my ass, but no fucking. And maybe I didn't do it for him (AS IF!), but he ended up having to jack off and then push into my mouth when he unloaded.

He wanted to come back later and fuck me - but I had work to do and hoped to find someone better.

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