Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Right Fuck. Wrong Reasons. ...maybe.

It's been bitter cold here and now snowy. Sometimes the hardcore guys come out cruising during this time, but so cold, that's not even happening. As it is - my encounters have been slim. I'll pull one out from my past - how about that?

I once had a sex crush (no emotion, naturally) on this guy who'd cruise the same places that I did. I was just a little irked that he showed no interest in me. I'd never seen his dick, but I heard it was a beauty - so naturally that just added insult to injury.

One night at Eagle in Exile, I was being cruised by what turned out to be this guy's boyfriend. In some ways he was hotter than the original guy Blonde (so not my type) and scrappier. But man this guy exuded sexxxx. And I'll be honest, hooking up with him would appease me on some level - not in replacement from the other guy, but just sharing something he probably didn't want me to have. Yeah - I can be that guy!

We played cat and mouse games of looking and longing. The bar closed and I lived close by. Without a word, he followed me home. Right away we got down to business. And the guy was ripe. Landscaper by trade, he worked hard all day and had no intention of showering before going to the bar. He had an agenda. I dug it.

I got to to smell him, lick him, suck him and taste him. He was completely in to me being into him.

I don't know his name - but he had a nice dick. Not too big and curve upward a little. Before long he had me on the floor of my bedroom and my pants off. With nothing but spit he slid it up my ass. And he FUCKED. He pumped my ass good and started talking dirty.

As he pumped in and out of me, he started talking about the guy I was at the bar with. He was completely into him and had hoped he'd be at my house. At the time, I didn't quite see the irony. I mean - I had a cock up my ass.

When he realized he that I probably couldn't arrange a hook-up (my friend wasn't/isn't like I am), the guy just wanted to wrap up. Without a word he just unloaded up my ass. And a huge load at that.

As nasty as I get - in some ways, things were clear then. It was dirty for all the wrong reasons - but all the ones we thought we wanted.


The Average Joe said...

sometimes i enjoy being used and being treated like that while getting a load.

Anaƫl said...

Your sex stories are making me so horny honey...