Sunday, February 25, 2007

Homo Depot

I think I have mentioned once or twice before of a very cruisy Home Depot not too far from me. Mind you - I have to pass like 3 other Home Depots to get to it, but is it my fault they oversaturate the market?

Even if I'm in the neighborhood and don't need any items, I'll stop in.

Usually nothing happens in Home Depot. You do the cruising. If you're in the bathroom and show the goods, you go elsewhere to complete any longings you might have. I fucking LOVE public sex, but anymore the risks are no longer as fun. And the high traffic of this bathroom is hard to pull anything off - pun completely intended!

But this was a 2p on a weekday. The people in the store were all contractors - my favorite kind of guy. Or one of them. Stepping into the restroom, the air of the place was immediately different. I cannot explain it, but it harkened back to my public toilet cruising days. This day was going to be different.

To confirm this, as I quickly assessed the stall situation, out of four, the two middle ones were taken. Any serious cruiser knows you want one second from the end for optimal pick-up ability. I had my pick of the first stall or the end handicap one. I took the first one. As I entered and turned to get the door, there was someone almost right in front of the stall. Tall. Hot. Young. We locked eyes. I knew. He knew. He took the handicap stall.

Since we were both taller than the partition, we stood for what seemed like forever (probably 30 seconds) as we looked at each other while undoing our pants before sitting. We knew.

The silence was eeire Of the four men occupying all the stalls, it didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that no one was actually going to the bathroom. No noise. No smells. No one going to the toilet paper. We all knew at that point.

But save a few taps from the foot next to me - nothing was happening. I had no idea who was next to me, but I already knew he wasn't who I wanted. I saw what I wanted - and he saw me.

After a bit of no activity I decided maybe I'd move on. But before I did, I stepped in front of the urinal in front of the handicap stall. And there he was...standing at the crack, waiting...and watching me.

I decided to whip mine out at the urinal. He just opened the door and took his place next to me. Both of us jacking and looking at each other. As much as I thought I had a nice dick (and I do), his was much nicer. About the same length but thicker and a little fleshier. It was beautiful.

Him in his Carhartt everything. Me in my flannel, 501s and boots. Another guy opened his door to watch. We let him. I wasn't caring anymore at this point. We jacked hard. He reached out to grab my ass. I let him.

We knew it was risky to go further, but he was close. He wanted me close. In a way I wanted to be there, but I wanted more. He was at the edge and I licked my lips - he got the idea. He nodded and took a step back.

In a heartbeat I swooped down and got my lips to his head when he unleashed. I clamped my mouth right over his dick and took it all. It was thick. It was good. He made no noise. I could hear jacking behind us at the open stall door.

As expected...the second he was done, I was invisible to him. He tucked in, zipped up and was out the door. And not a moment too soon. Some guy was walking in as I made my way to the handicap stall.

After the new guy left, the guy who had been watching stood on his toilet and watched me. I put on a jacking-off show and pumped off a HUGE wad. Everywhere. I didn't even try to control it. Or clean it up. When I was done, I was done...and left.


Anonymous said...

This was the HOTTEST!!! story I have ever read!!!

Anonymous said...

I so love reading your stories! I look forward to them and love chatting with you about them. Keep them coming!!!!

Anaƫl said...

Nice stories ! Do continue to share them with us ;)

The Average Joe said...

nice:-) love it

Eloquent Bottom said...

YUM! Home Despots are famous all over as places for a certain type of trade. Delicious, and Skoal! Good work, Eve!