Monday, May 28, 2007

1+1 (x2)+1+2 = 6

It's simple math. No Excel formulas truly necessary.

On my last post, I ended saying I needed to advertise on craigslist for an early morning feeding. I can honestly say the ad was a success. Highly successful in fact.

I got some immediate responses that looked more than promising. It became a matter of timing, since I had said yes to both and one didn't want any kind of group action.

The first guy (I'll call Paul) was great. Macho. Shaved head. Good body. And a good sized dick which was also thick.


Not bad, huh? Soon after his knock on my door, I was on my knees with my lips at his short hairs. It felt great. It tasted great. As usually happens, when I pull out my dick to stroke during these sessions, the guy now wants to reciprocate. Paul was no different - but at least he was a good cocksucker.

However, things kicked up a notch when he saw the Astroglide at my bedside. Without a word, he slicked up this wide penis and rubbed it against my hole. With a big hit of poppers, I let him in. Paul was a masterful fucker.

Here's a word to many tops out there - you're not as good at fucking as you think you are. No offense. But it takes finesse to really be a good fucker. Not a lover, but a fucker. Paul was GOOD. The speed, the force, the pulsing, the variation - was one of the best fucks I've ever had......and I've been boned once or twice.

He slowed up and I think he was going to pull out. I just muttered in my dirtiest voice, 'keep going......don't stop until you're fuckin' done'. He didn't need to be told twice. With a few more pushes and LOUD grunt, he unloaded up my hairy ass.

Before he left, I told him I was there the next few days and he was welcome back anytime I wasn't working.

About 10 minutes later, guy #2 showed up at my hotel room. His face was better than his pic, but his body had seen better days. His cock was pretty nice though. He just dropped his short to show me this:


What he lacked physically, he made up for with his attitude. He was there to be serviced....and made sure I knew my place. You really have to admire that.

He had me on my back on the bed as he fucked my mouth. Even though the dick was 7.5", with the angle, I took it with ease. The entire time he was just looking down at me, literally and figuratively. He seemed amazed that I never tasted the load he shot in my gullet. I had to explain the angle and how deep he was - there aren't tastebuds back that far. I could feel it slide down my throat, but I never tasted it.

He solved that problem by putting his dick back in my mouth and treating me to another face fuck and another load. This time pulling back enough for me to taste his spooge. The 2nd load was pretty big too.

I jumped in the shower and changed for work before guy #3 showed up.


As you can see, he had a nice dick. He was italian looking, but facially, he wasn't as hot as his cock. I wasn't gonna look at his face....or so I thought. It didn't take long for him to get off...and I took every drop. But then he wanted mine, but not in his mouth - on his face.

I hate wasting my load that way. But I had just gotten 4 loads out of 3 guys and was about to be out working for the next 10 hours. I HAD to get off. ...and I did. A humongous load that coated his in his his his hair. I was unapologetic. He's lucky he got to use one of my hotel towels.

Ok....4 down, 2 to go. But the last 2 came later in the day. I did have to work.

While checking my email out on the Metro, Paul (guy #1) said he had a buddy he thought I'd like and gave him my phone number. He fuckin' pimped me out!!!!!!!! ....I can't even tell you how much of a turn-on that was to me.

The guy (Steve) called and wanted to come over. Paul never mentioned what we had done, so I don't know what this guy was expecting. Before Steve got there, Paul called and asked if I wanted him to come by also. I'm not shy - so I said yes. I had no ideas on what Steve might have thought.

Steve got there first. Dark hair on the sides and very bleached on the top, which was also sculpted into a peak. I could see his dick through his jeans. The man was going commando. Love it! I told him we were going to be joined by Paul, and he was cool with it.

I got into sucking Steve's cock, which was a little longer and thicker than Paul's, when there was a knock at the door. I answered while nekkid and without ever looking through the peep. I didn't care who might be there at that point.

Soon enough we were all stripped down. It went from me sucking one of them, while the other sucked the other (follow that?), or me putting both their rods in my mouth while they made out (which was my favourite). I love it when guys are into each other, but using me as a vessel for them getting off. It's like I'm there, but not even there.

Yes, sometimes (many) I like to feel insignificant during sex. A lesser person. Almost a non-entity. That is probably as sub as I get, but I get it......and I get off on it, though usually later.

If there was any doubt I was going to get fucked (again), it was dispelled when Paul told Steve what a nice ass I had. Steve greased Paul up, as the plan was for him to go first and make sure I was ready for Steve's bigger dick. I asked Steve to get my camera and take some picks of that dick in my hole.


Maybe I was sore from the morning pounding, or maybe Paul was showing off for Steve. He wasn't as skilled and didn't take his time like he had done earlier. When I asked for a little more lube, Paul pulled out and let Steve take over.

Steve was a good good fuck. Hard, unrelenting thrusts and yet still made us both feel great. He and Paul were talking about my ass...and about his fucking and the load that was coming. Again, I was a 3rd class citizen in my own hotel, even though it was my holes they were using.

Steve threw his head back and said 'FUCK' over and over and his jism pumped up my ass. He let it slide out and flopped into a chair. I was expecting and wanting Paul to take his place, but he said he couldn't hold off and shot a load onto my chest and arm.

Continuing the theme, I lay there as the two got into the shower together and did lord knows what. I wasn't invited, though I don't know I would have been rejected if I tried to join.

6 loads in a day and I completed more than a full work day. And it wasn't even 7p yet.

G-d, I'm a fuckin slut.

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