Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Midnight Snack

Last night was salvaged!

In DC again - the land of a 1000 craigslist postings. So one who posts (me) is easy to get lost. I had some initial takers, even a hottie who called me as he was getting in a cab to come here. His cab better have been in a fucking accident that killed him....b/c he never called back, showed or answered my calls or emails.

Or the guy who wanted to get sucked.....then changed his mind that I go to him....then later....then after midnight. Like I was walking into that scenario!

But a guy did email me his pics which were pretty fuckin hot. 8x5". I wanted to be all over that. Though it was 11p, he would come to me and he did.

Not shy at all. He just came into the room undid his shorts, which dropped to his ankles and stood there waiting. I went to my knees like I knew he expected and took care of him. Though he had just gotten off that morning, he said he had a load to release.

It took a few minutes to work him up to an erection, but it was a nice one and true to his email. His aural responses to what I was doing indicated he liked my technique, though he never really got verbal without prompting.


He also never looked down at me...or rarely. Hands on hips he looked forward or had his head tilted back.

After awhile he sat in the hotel chair, head titlted way back. At this point, though I don't think I'm bad looking, I dont' think he was picturing his mind a guy doing this. He wanted to mentally remove himself from a guy sucking his cock. If he wanted to imagine a chick - so be it. I was gonna get the load.

After about 30 minutes of sucking I got my reward too. And for someone who shot earlier in the day, he had a huge and thick load. It was a great way to end the disappointing evening.

Now I have to post to get a hot protien breakfast served to my room. (wink)


The Average Joe said...

hope u spat it out and worked it into your hole.

Anonymous said...

dude...I'll feed you my load when you get to DC! As long as you let me take yours, too.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I've sucked that striped guys dick as well. I got the same vibe. Nice guy though, great cock, loved having his hole licked clean. Shot a big ol wad down my gullet.