Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pumpin' Butt

I have to say, I'm becoming more and more comfortable in my 'versatile' role.

Don't get me wrong, I still think I self-identify as cock/cum pig most of the time, but it is harder and harder to get laid with such defined labels. It's easier to get what I want when I travel for business. There always seems to be a plethora of guys out there wanting to play on some level. And really - what is a boy to do after he's worked a long day and now back in his hotel room??

But this is actually an in-town story. After my last travel to DC, I was building up a load. 13 days to be exact. Readers here will know that I don't normally jack myself off. I wait to get off while getting a guy off, or lately - letting some guy take care of it for me.

Anyway, I put an ad out on craigslist regarding my 13 day load predicament. I tried to keep the ad open, but had some things in there I wanted specifically. Mainly gimme your fuckin stats and a place to do it that was in downtown. ...oh, and they had to take the load.

For some reason this town has a bunch of fuckin' flakes. Guys who can't read (or won't). Or the guy who got all fuckin' huffy with me via email because I didn't 'thank' him for complimenting me in his email. The string of emails he left was clearly a man unhinged. There is probably a crawl-space with body parts of men he's been with who have disappeared.

Most guys didn't have a place. Couldn't host. Didn't have stats. I mostly didn't give them the time of day.

There were a few that I've kept in my 'inbox' (so to speak) for future reference because they at least sounded promising, though there was nothing the could do for me during a lunch/work-day release.

Two could. I hedged my bets and made arrangements with both of them. One was to blow me in a parking garage stairwell. One was in his hotel room a few blocks from my office. I staked out my place in the garage and saw the guy coming for a few floors below. F'ugly. Nothing like his picture represented. NOTHING. ..and he flitted. You could see it from 5 stories up. I went out the back entrance and headed to the hotel.

The guy there wasn't exactly like his pics, but not horrible. He had a nice dick on him, but was more interested in mine. With just my cock out of my suit fly, he performed some great fellatio. I hauled out my nuts through the zipper and told him to work on those too. I love having my balls lapped on. I hope when I do it to a guy it feels at least half as good as how it does to me.

The guy (I never got a name) got up and laid on the bed and stroked his big dick. I felt the need to taste it. And naturally, though big, I took it to the root. Hey! I'm still a well-trained cocksucker.

When I pulled off, I asked him what got him my interest in getting off started to wane. But he said something I experience a lot. Due to the size of his dick, most guys want him to fuck or guys want to suck him. He liked to get fucked too. My interest now started going to his hard hard 8" dick and my now 13 day load.

Though he had rubbers and lube on the bedside table, he never made a sound when I just reached for one of the items. I lubed up my dick and his ass turned up and he scooted to the edge of the bed.

Like a pro, his hole just invited my dick into him. All the way, I might add.

I don't think I've ever tried to pass myself off as a good fucker. It feels great, but I can't ever hold off. I also don't get a lot of practice.

Something about his ass though felt so good. I just worked it and my dick. Bottoming out in him and then still jabbed at him. If he was uncomfortable, he never showed it. He asked for it harder. I would for a few seconds but really didn't want to lose the load yet and it was a possibility if I kept at that pace.

I did get to pull out and push back in over and over. The rub against the head of my prick felt great. After about 15-20 minutes (my longest fuck?) he really wanted it. I also had a schedule to keep but almost hated to lose such a big load....but I went for it.

I POUNDED him and was quiet about it when I was cumming. He never asked me to pull out - and even if he did, I don't think I would have obliged. I could feel myself shooting over and over again, but clearly he couldn't. That surprised and disappointed me.

I stayed in him for a bit as he jacked. He was jacking hard, but not getting anywhere. My shaft slipped out dragging some of my spoooge with me. He'd be feeling that for a few hours.

Not to be rude, but he repositioned himself to jack.....I went to wash my dick off. He was very clean, but I didn't want him on me all day. : )

He was still pumping his dick as I thanked him and walked out the door back to work. On the way back, I called a bud to tell him what I just did.


The Average Joe said...

even if a bottom asks you to pull out, once you go in bare you dont till you can pull out with your load dripping out.

always leave a cumslut bottom with his load still in his balls

Lizzy said...

So... I have a question... I have posted to this a few times now.

If a woman offered You her ass would you cum there?


(and yes I am finally leaving a way to talk to me)