Monday, October 01, 2007

Saturday in the Park with Bike

Saturday I went to get my car serviced - oil change, alignment, new wipers. blah blah blah. The only good things about that are the dealership has free wifi, so I could finish my Houston post and look around the net and the head of service...Rick.

Rick is one of those guys who is hot, but has no idea. Taller than I am (I'm guessing he's like 6'4"), and a total daddy type. But a hip with it kind of dad. Brownish hair that is slightly greying ever so. I would do him in a heartbeat. I wonder how disconcerting it is that I come in after months and address him by first name without ever having to look at his nameplate. ...maybe he does know he's hot.

Alas - it was not meant to be and he's one of these guys I have no idea how to approach. Plus if rejected, he's got my car's life in his well as all my personal information.

Afterwards, I was a little horny. I had been on-line for 90 minutes mostly looking at male erotica (or reading it) and was all worked up. About 15 minutes from the dealership is a park I used to frequent....actually as early as this July. I even wrote about it here.

In that post, I mentioned in that post about a 'hot MF' sitting in his car ignoring my presence. The nerve! Wouldn't you know it - he was parked there when I pulled into the little lot. Still looking all fucking hot. This time he paid me a little more attention, but not much. I wasn't counting on anything since he left me high and dry last time. I figured I was not his type.

Shortly thereafter, a pick-up pulls in. The guy was ok at best, but at least he more than glanced my way before leaving his truck and heading down a path into the woods. I decided to check him out further and yeah, somewhere in the back of my mind I was hoping Mr. Hottie would follow me.

As I made my way deeper into the woods, going where I assumed the pick-up guy went, I finally caught site of him. He was next to a tree with his jeans slightly down exposing a hairless ass. Maybe he was pissing...maybe not. I kept walking till I came upon him - and actually passed him. Sure enough, his front was exposed too with a decent sized cock. I looked at it, then up at him and then continued to walk deeper into the woods, eventually finding a fallen, rotting tree to sit on. This way I figured if he wanted he could stand right in front of me and feed a hungry cocksucker.

Barely did he make his way over before he said someone was coming. And damn if it wasn't Mr. Hottie. There he was keeping somewhat of a distance in his slightly mirrored sunglasses, his ballcap, and work-clothes that made him look like he worked in automotive service. The 5 o'clock shadow really fucking made the look.

The pick-up guy started rubbing himself (again) and I was too, though much more subtle. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered if the Hottie was always there because he was Johnny Law. Every once in awhile in the back of my mind I think 'my luck has to run out sometime' when it comes to public sex. (not that it hasn't twice before - but those are other stories.)

But Mr. Hottie started rubbing too - but still my back was up. I felt a little better when pick-up guy exposed himself and no one was arrested. Then I swear out of nowhere another guy (count 'em - #4) came out of nowhere.

He was an older (50-ish) black man in a t-shirt and running shorts with a baseball cap. He stood next to me, placing one foot on the fallen tree and having his bound-up, big, hard, black dick come out of his shorts. He was already erect and just played with it.

I felt even better when he went over to the pick-up guy and started playing with him. Once again, pick-up guy exposed his ass and I was thinking 'man, this guy wants fucked!'. As all this unfolded, Mr. Hottie had his eyes on nobody but me. How could I be this lucky?

Mr. Hottie walked directly past them and next to me and took his dick out from his Cintas work pants. I undid my 501s and took out my dick. I was bigger and thicker than the other two white guys, but the black guy had it over all of us in means of size. But after a few, I barely noticed the other two guys at all.

Though I desperately wanted to kiss this guy, out in the woods in a public park is not the place to do that. This is for quick get-off and go kind of activity. I had to respect that.

We stroked for a few minutes, each of us scanning the perimeter. I bent over went down Mr. Hottie. His dick was thin, but around 7" long and cut. I only stayed down on him for a minute or two but gave him the idea of how good a cocksucker I was.

Mr. Hottie made the mistake of playing with my nipples. He sent me over the edge with his rough hands - and I really knew there wasn't much we could do about it there in the park. As you know - guys who play with those on me can get me to bend over with ease.

As I stood up from sucking Mr. Hottie, I did notice that the black guy firmly had a few fingers up the ass of the pick-up guy. Black guy was looking at me watching him. I then went back down on Mr. Hottie for a few more.

Taking a break and him going back to playing with my nips, I did the same for him. He unbuttoned a few of his buttons on his work shirt to expose an extremely nice chest with a generous covering of hair. I leaned in and licked at them. He seemed to like that a lot - though he was a very quite sort....and I think I know why. He took his mouth to my nipples then and when he did exposed a side of him I had not seen yet - and he had a hearing aid. No biggie to me - in an odd way it just made him hotter to me.

In a surprise, Mr. Hottie went down on me. I was so hot for him and had been stroking my dick while sucking him and watching the other guys - I came dangerously close to shooting. Luckily, he pulled off and I retained normal excitment levels.

The pick-up guy was just watching us, with his ass sticking out and the black guy had at least three fingers buried deep in him. I mouthed to the black guy 'fuck him', but he just shook his head 'no'. Too bad. I would have liked to have seen that.

I went back down on Mr. Hottie and he had a massive drop of precum on the top of his dick. I wasn't sucking him long before I knew he was going to blow. He pulled out, pushed me away and I heard him say he was going to cum. Well fuck if I was gonna let that happen without me getting it.

I got back on his dick and when he realized I wanted it (he must have had too many guys pull off - though who the fuck wouldn't want this stud's jizz?), he wrapped a hand around my head and I drank him all down.

The most surprising thing is that he didn't zip up and leave right after. He grabbed my dick and started stroking me. The pick-up guy must have liked the fingers being up his ass and shot off a really really nice load. In a way, I'm sorry I didn't drop to get it, but I wanted to stay as focused as possible on Mr. Hottie.

Mr. Hottie stepped away and I took over my own stroking. It didn't take long - and I pumped off a big load that some squirts shot out about 3-4 ft. At that point, Mr. Hottie nodded at me and headed up the path back to his car.

Pick-up guy had left too and the black guy went even further down the path to lord knows what. I gave the first two guys a head start before heading back to my car. It'd be odd with three guys exiting the woods within 1-2 minutes of each other.

Mr. Hottie was hanging out by a picnic table when I left the woods. He nodded in my direction and I got in my car and left. Afterward, I kind of kicked myself for not just handing him my phone number.

He's one I'd want to get into some more play with. But now I know where he hangs out - and what day and time of day I've seen him there before. Let's hope it's a habit.

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