Saturday, September 29, 2007

Houston Visit - pt 3 (final)

No more than 20 minutes after the married guy from pt 2 leave did I get a call from this guy.


We had emailed a few times before the call. And even had one call before THE call. The emails teased me that he wanted to lick my ass - for starters. But when it came down to it, it sounded like he was partnered and couldn't get out of the house. Being the evil man I am, I sexually taunted him - telling him to lie to find a way to leave his residence. He said he'd call back. I did not hold out high hopes.


Imagine my surprise when he rang me back up saying he was 10 minutes away and wanted to fuck my ass. I mentioned something about having the poppers and lube at the beside table and he mentioned I wouldn't be needing the lube - nor would he. He proceeded to tell me his ass eating would leave me wet enough to take his dick. Now you can see his dick (all three pics are his penis) .....and I love the idea of having only spit as lube, but sometimes it is just not the most practical solution. Some things are good in theory and bad in practice. The man was not all talk, and there are not many of them you can count on by meeting via an internet hook-up list.


I met him down in the lobby and we headed back to my room. By this time I was hitting the lobby in shorts, nothing undereath, a t-shirt and no shoes. I was never ever staying at this hotel again - I didn't give a fuck at what they thought of me or why I was having a cavalcade of men up to my room. I wasn't performing acts of prostitution. It was a free giveaway.

Once in the room, the man grabbed me and kissed me. I do love to kiss, but am very very particular about whom I do it with. I was very ok with doing it with him and get this - he was GOOD at it. Better than good...and it was all full of passion lust.

In a heartbeat the man (I never even got a fuckin name....even one to make up here) had my shorts down, me bent over the bed and his mouth as my crack. I have no idea where or how he could produce so much saliva. He went it with a gusto I have not seen in a long long while....and usually the guy who does it with that much enthusiasm is, But I can't lick my own hole. (note to self: start yoga!)

After 10 minutes of ass-eating, he just stood up behind me and I grabbed my poppers. Not that he waited for me to open them and take a hit. Nope. He positioned himself and pushed himself in. As you can see the curve downward of his cock, that was no easy feat. I almost asked if he could feel the load the big black guy left in me, but it'd been a few hours at this point and doubted he could. I think he would have been turned on knowing someone else had been up there - and he clearly liked going into me skin-on-skin. I did too.

He was big and thick and still had to force it up me even though I had been opened up earlier. He told me to fuckin' take it. At some point I flipped on my back and he bent down and really went to make-out with me. ....telling me he doesn't fuck anyone he can't kiss. It's a great line that could of worked on a guy whom I wanted to make-out with and maybe even one I didn't.

I will say, he was the only guy who made sure the other guests in the hotel might have known sex was happening on the premises. Like I said - I don't care. Actually, I love that.

Because of his angle, his thrusts and his throbbing when he started to unload - the combination was too much for me. I could not hold back and I let loose with a big load of jizz of my own.

Not that he cared - but we established earlier on that this was about me getting his load...and we were both ok with that.

I let him clean up, dress and get back to his partner, girlfriend, wife....whatever.

I went to bed with a load in my mouth - and opted not to brush so I could keep the taste...and two loads in my ass....both of which I kept in me until before my morning shower.

G-d....I am such a fuckin' pig........but you can't really change your spots now, can you?

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