Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Need A Win

....a sex win, that is.

My last few encounters have been you've all read. And there are a few you have not read about.....yet. Here's just another one, or two....possibly three. All in my last long work trip.

1. Trucker Guy

Let's face it - the Over the Road trucker is a huge gay fantasy and one I fulfilled at the age of 16, but it is one that never diminishes. So when a trucker answered my craigslist ad and offered to drive 45 minutes into the city to give me his nine day load, I took him up on it.

It was a bust from the word go. Totally hard, I could not get my mouth to his dick due to his belly. Completely erect he had to be less than 4". It was no fun for me, and even in bad situations, I can fake it until one of us finishes and we call it a day. I could not be that generous with this guy.

I tried blowing him from multiple angles, but none of it was working. I couldn't believe he thought it was either - but I never asked. After about 20 minutes, I told him so and he took it well and dressed to leave. It has dashed my trucker dreams - at least for awhile.

2. Leather Jock

Again - a promising bloke who just didn't measure up to his ad or pics. He wasn't horrible by any means, but for answering an explicit ad spelling out that I wanted dick and cum - I ended up having to thwart his attempts to suck me or want me to fuck him up the ass.

I don't understand what possess guys to make the trek to someone's hotel room for a specific fact and think you're going to change the rules of everything you've read, along with an exchange of email messages. Like the leopard, I don't believe we change our spots - certainly not like that.

Needless to say, I DID get his load, but when he emailed back for repeats all his messages were promptly ignored.

3. Best of this Bunch

Again, someone who either cannot read (I requested ht/wt proportional), or someone who is nto aware of body mass index and what it means. I don't mean to sound cruel, but c'mon....we all have our likes, desires and turn-ons. Personality might trump a certain look if this were a relationship - it is not. It is unadulterated sex. I wanted what I wanted - nothing more, nothing less....especially the latter. I will always take more.

The guy had a better attitude than the other two....and a slightly bigger dick, but not by a lot. But he said the right things and with the right inflection, so I cut him some slack.

Not only did I milk one load from him, but two.

But things do have to change. Either my screening criteria has to be better or I'm going to have to get a stronger backbone when said trick(s) come a-knocking.


Anonymous said...

maybe its time to go on a date and actually get to KNOW someone.

next stop--old age trolldom.

Anonymous said...

I've been in the same boat lately with CL. I asked for a big dick, guy sends me a pic of his dick. Ok yum. Comes over, whips it out and WANG, not his pic. Being a trooper and wanting some cum I suck him off. As he's leaving I tell him, not cool to use others pics. He flips me off!

j in Va