Wednesday, February 06, 2008


…..that is the best way I can describe the sound of his dick as it dropped from his fly.

Yesterday, I came across (not literally) one of the densest pricks I have ever seen, touched or fellated.

I was in the adult video arcade I’ve referenced here lately, just looking to provide (and be provided) some late afternoon relief. Luckily this time, there were a few more people in the establishment besides myself. Unluckily, even with these folks, there were still people I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, let alone my 8” one.

But I did sit down to see a “movie” when someone decided to occupy the booth across from mine. Since there are no doors on any of these booths, obviously it is easy to gaze into each other’s temporary residence.

As I leaned forward to peer across the way, I found him doing the same. He was in his 30s, and either of mixed race or a latin or Italian kind of man. Dark hair and moustache, but dressed in a casual shirt, jeans and some kind of cap – of a non-sports team.

When I looked back again a few minutes later, he had taken out his cock and it was a beauty – even from the 4-5’ away that I was.

It took him awhile, but I finally got him to walk over and come into my booth. He was clearly afraid of people seeing him, but when you play at those places, it is just part of the deal. Granted, it is rarely the fun or attractive guys who watch, but usually the ones who are most likely on some sexual predator list. I am fully aware that in time, I will probably be one of ‘those guys’.

I unzipped his fly and reached into take it out. It is then I first encountered, ‘the THUD’. It was not erect and it flopped down with the weight of a pallet of bricks. Very impressive.

He made no move to stop me when I took his penis in my mouth. But let's face it - they rarely do. The shaft was heavy in my mouth and on my tongue. I did good by it, but he wanted to go down on me.


Yes, taking his cock out of my mouth and it dropping elicited the same sound as when extracted it from his pants. I couldn't help put play with it for a bit. Hefting it up - weighing it - letting it fall.


The guy did want to blow me. Or try to. If I wasn't one of his first, he wasn't good at it, but I think he was just inexperienced and actually unenthusiastic. Soon enough we switched places.

More weighing of his dick with my hands before putting it back in my mouth. Filling my mouth. His 8.5 thick inches easily filled my mouth - not that I couldn't take it all. I could. I did. ....then I'd pull back and go down again.......and again......and again.

The feeder liked it and said so. And I was doing something right because sooner than I wanted, he had to cum. He said so. But he also either thought I didn't want it in my mouth or he didn't want it in my mouth. I'm guessing on the former.

He made a half-hearted attempt to pull out and turn away so he could unload his semen. My mouth went with him - never letting him get free. He stopped turning and moving when he knew he could not hold back any longer and his jets hit my tongue and started flooding my mouth.

Like his dick - the load was heavy and thick. I took it all in. All the way in.

As it is with many of these guys - he beat a path out of there as soon as he could tuck himself back into his dungarees.

Since I accomplished the first part of my plan, it was time to enact the next part. I'll cut to the chase: I was unsuccessful. I might be a snob, but I wasn't giving my cock and load away to just anyone. And I didn't.

I had one taker who actually had a very soft and warm mouth. But he wanted the load on his face. He didn't really know what he was saying. He didn't know me or my loads. He would have had nowhere to wash up and trust me - I'm not bragging or boasting - but I I would have coated his face. Yes, it was an 8 day load, but I could do it on a 2 day one as well.

But I was not about to waste my sperm that way. I tucked my cock back into my suit and walked out.........of the booth and of the store.

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OldProle said...

You might find this story amusing.

In 1971 I moved to Minneapolis, I had a responsible job at a Catholic College, but I was very, very naive. I wanted to have sex with a guy, but I didn't know anything about the gay community or how these things were arranged. I grew up in the country, see. I made the rounds of the porn stores (hadn't found the bars or parks yet). Most of them were just simple stores with the usual racks, florescent lighting, and grim, hostile clerks. Two of the stores had back rooms with booths where you could, I surmised, watch something. I made some casual trips through, figured out the movie part, but missed the real headline item: I could have sex right here! It just didn't make sense - why are all these guys milling around back here? Mystery to me.

I don't quite remember how I did finally figure it out. It never became my preferred scene. I liked to buy jerk off mags, but I didn't like hanging around the stores. Later on, I had a job as an outreach worker for Aids education, and spent a lot of time in the bookstores handing out condoms, and so forth. I had sex in the stores a few times, but it still wasn't my cup of tea - so to speak.

It wasn't good manners that kept me out of the stores for sex. When I found the parks, the baths, the bars, and all the rest I was about as much a slut as anybody else.