Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BikeGuy: Both Side of a Coin

It was my last day of this business trip. I had morning meetings scheduled sporadically at my hotel and didn't have an early early start. But I was up early. So a craigslist ad was placed. Actually and eventually - two of them.

Let me start this way: the evening before was a bust. I finally got a guy to come over who totally got it. "Married" (or so he said) and in need to get sucked and to use a cocksucker. What's not to like?

He showed - mind you, driving for 40 minutes to get to me - and he was ok. The right attitude and ok looks. But the schlong of a horse. 9" easily and thick. But either I didn't do it for him or he didn't have enough blood in his body to get that sucker hard. You know deep down I'm hoping it was the blood thing - but I'm big enough of a man to realize that everyone doesn't turn on everyone.

After an hour of attempt - on both our parts, he gave up saying he had to get home to 'the wife'.

Mind you - by this point, I was pulling on my pud for an hour at least. And it had been about three weeks since I've unloaded. So, I was all worked up. But I wasn't about to just sign into x-tube and take care of myself. I went to bed instead.

Early, I placed an ad telling guys I could host and send them to work with a smile on their face. I had a pretty good size of responders.....but that included the flakes, of course. And the same guys who respond to any frickin' ad that I have ever placed. Is it possible there are hornier guys than myself out there????

I settled on two to three. Yes, I double-book and hedge my bets. Worse case scenario, none or one works out. Best case: three way!!!! It's a rarity for sure.

On weeding guys out, I thought I should somehow lose my load besides just using my left fist. So hence the second ad with the title of how many days out the load was. Not surprisingly, the responses were 6-7 times the amount of me wanting to get guys off.

But to the first ad: The first guy, I just ended up dismissing shortly after we tried to get there. Not at all what he represented in email (shock!) and had more bling on him than Paulie Walnuts. I wasn't really attracted to all his completely shaved pubic region either. Or the half bottle of Drakkar Noir he had bathed in.

Let me tell you - he wa PISSED when I sent him on his way. Tough noogies, I say.

I started trying to coordinate the first ad responses to the second. I wanted to get a guy (or two) off before getting off myself. That's reasonable - right?

The more and more it looked like nothing would happen with the first ad, I moved into second ad mode. I had a schedule to keep and wanted my nuts lightened before I headed to the airport.

This feeder responded: 39 5'11' 195, brown, blue, goatee, hairy chest, avg guy, avg cock.

His picture was more then decent, so we made arrangements to meet after one of my meetings but before my scheduled departure. (Un)Fortunately in the meantime, I also made arrangements with this guy: I'm a good looking 35 y/o mwm. I'm 6'5" 235 and horny as hell for some cock with a nice load.

He wanted to feed me. And he's tall! A huge plus in my book.

I arranged times so they wouldn't overlap, but weather and traffic delays thwarted those efforts. And I was so focused on my business meetings and the possibility of eating that I lost site of the feeding schedule.

As I was in the lobby of the hotel conducting an interview, I knew immediately when the tall feeder arrived - and he recognized me too. With a slight nod, he kept moving and sat waiting his turn. Good man. Smart man.

I finished my interview and headed to the elevator...the feeder was close on my heels. And damn if my key card didn't work for the room. I demagnetized it by putting it in the same pocket as my cellphone.

By the time I returned, not only was the feeder there, but so was the eater. Whoops. I told them both to come in. The eater thought he was going to eat both of us, but I said 'nope'. I would feed and he would feed. That seemed to be the best scenario for all.

The big guy did not have a big dick - just an average one. But he claimed to shoot massive amounts of spooge. I suppose it is all relative. The eater claimed to be able to take massive amounts (meaning mine), but I fully warned him on the volume I shot normally and how backed up I was. He seemed confident in his abilities.

Like business, I tend to under promise and over deliver. It impresses most everyone.

I had the eater start out by sucking both of us, but it soon moved to me on the bed, eating the feeder standing next to me. My feeder was on his knees eating my dick but quickly moving to my ass.

The guy was an expert ass eater. I've had a few guys (HA!) munch on my hole, but this guy was at the head of the class. My hole crack was sopping wet. I had not so secretly hoped that the guy I was sucking would walk around and put his moist dick into my now lubed butt. I'll spare you the non-set up: it did not happen.

The feeder I knew had an eye appointment he was already running late for, so it did not surprise me that he wanted to wrap up sooner than later. He was ready to shoot and I was ready to take it. The man did not lie - he had a HUGE load. And I might add it tasted good.

As I let the eater just chew on my ass, the feeder dressed and left with only a nod of his head. I never attempted to stop the guy from doing what he was doing. But he did stand up for a second and I opted to go down on him. His dick was small...maybe 5" rock hard and he too soon shot a decent load.

Luckily, his blowing a load didn't slow him down. Sometimes after a guy gets his nut, they don't actually finish the job they came to do. He wasn't this guy.

I stood up and had him go down on me. All the way down. With all the foreplay and the weeks of not getting my load off, I was a hair trigger away from losing it and told him so. He edged me as long as he could but I had to do what I had to do.

Placing my hands on his head, I told him to stop moving and start swallowing. Yes, I know you've heard that from me here before, but it's what I like. He kind of did what he was told. At first he seemed to be able to take all I was giving him, but then he backed up and started playing with the head of my dick......and that's a no-no.

That head is just too sensitive to me and I don't want that. I told him 'deeper' but he didn't abide by my wishes and did what he wanted to. Fuck that!

...and to be honest, I thought I was done cumming, but when I pulled free, I had many many more shots left that got deposited on the carpet of the brand-spankin' new hotel. I think I might have been the first load shot on their rug. Yea!!!! One for me!!!

He was disappointed in not getting it all, but I let him lick me clean until he worked the head again too much. Some fags you cannot teach anything.

So, though he was a good cocksucker in theory, he was a bad one too. A great one knows how to please his feeder - and even intuitively at that. He wasn't good there let alone with explicit instructions. I'll give him a 3.5 out of 5.

When I got home and checked my email - I had dozens of responses to my big load ad. Clearly men cannot read for content, since I said I was leaving town at 10a...and they are answering at 4p. Morons.

But I also had a response from my feeder of the day.

It was awesome you took my whole load. Most guys start chocking and then I finish on their face--it's hot to feed it all to you. I think I even shot some down your throat.

I send a message back that it was a pleasure and that I'd be back at same hotel in two weeks.

Maybe I'll go for a repeat or try to find someone new. Or both.

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Cleveland bottom guy said...

Yeah, It's been my experience that guys on CL often can't read. I've posted that I'm "Looking for after 8 tonight" or something and guys will get pissed that I don't want to hook up right then. Duh...