Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biggest. Load. Ever.

I think last week in DC I took my biggest load ever. ....and let's face it, that's saying something.

I have been having sex with men since I was 15 and I am well into 4 digits when it comes to the number of loads I have taken, so this isn't just talk when I say it. I have some experience to back it up.

I had placed what is becoming my semi-standard ad on craigslist (note to self: stop paying for has never gotten you anything!) and had quite a few responses - including one guys whom I've hooked up with twice, both of which I've written here (likes to watch, is humpy, horny, married and shoots too easily). He admonished me for not telling him I was in town. I didn't know he wanted to.

But when we talked about my responses, he bailed when I set up some time with the following:

WANTED: Erotic bottom....Title says it all. You host and be ready to play. Passion, kissing, sucking and fucking. Looking for a clean, nice, gentle guy. Prefer older, smaller and in good shape is a must. You be HIV Neg and DDF--I am. I am 43. Slim, tight and talented. Weigh 143 and stand 5/9. No games and no email tag please. Looking for today and repeat performances hopefully.

My 'friend' thought the guy was too scrawny and not anything he wanted to see. He did get to see me in action - but that's another post.

And I think he missed out with this guy. "Joe" wasn't nearly as scrawny as he sounded. Compact, for sure - but carried himself with confidence bordering on arrogance. I think we all know I'm down with that when it comes to a sex partner.

I was older, but not smaller. And he made it over exactly when he said he'd be there.

We got right down to it. There wasn't a determination on how he would get off...and to be honest, I don't think either of us cared. It could have gone in either end and both of us would be happy campers. As we romped around, he made allusions to that I would be getting fucked - and that was fine by me.

Joe had a nice 7"er. And the man was aggressive. He FUCKED face. Borderline raping my mouth. Good thing I'm so experience, huh?

I was on my knees to start, but he wanted on the bed. I crawled between his spread legs, but soon I had my head propped up on a pillow or two with him standing on the mattress feeding me like I was a hungry animal..........which in fact I was.

He talked about how he'd like to come back and have someone else here - one guy at either end, swapping places. I've had a few guys say this.....all white guys. Invariably, they all want the second guy to be a big black dick. Nothing wrong with that - I just find it amusing that all these DC guys I end up with start thinking alike.

There was some point when he lost his erection. Not completely, but he was no longer like steel. But I got him back to that point. And he started talking more and more about fucking me. I think that is what actually got him back to the point of being hard.

But we both got too carried away and he had to unload. There would be no time to recompose himself and get himself to the point where I'd take it up the ass.

Joe BURIED himself in my mouth. Too far for me. Not only do I love to taste the seed, his cock was buried in my throat and his pubes covering my nose. There was no way to breathe.

And while I might like a good breath control scene as the next cocksucker - there was no 'control'. He was in his moment and not knowing or caring anything about mine. Which is ok, to an extent.

I got a chance to grasp his legs and move him back just a bit. Enough for me to get some air. But the tears were in my eyes and slowly trailing down the side of my face, as they can when one is grasping for air. Again, this is nothing he noticed.

But his semen just would not end. I could feel rivers going down my throat, and that was not even with me making any swallowing motions. I would do that too, but there was always more. ALWAYS more. It just kept coming.....and cumming.

I immediately got over my fear of choking and just ingesting his seed in amazement - at the volume and the great taste. And the fact that he said he came three days ago. I was also fucking determined to not miss a drop. I have come to far in my "career" to not take on a challenge of swallowing every fucking drop that a man gives me.

The taste of his cum was just amazing too. It had great flavor. Incredible flavor, in fact. I've noticed that about a number of guys who shoot huge amounts of sperm - it is usually very good tasting. I've done not formal studies or tracking of this - but I think I should.

The plan was for Joe to come by the next day and we'd see about getting a third.....or fourth. But he emailed early in the day saying he had to go out of town and when I was back in town, we'd get together, as we had "unfinished business". Of course, I took that to mean: I am gonna get it up at butt!

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Anonymous said...

next time you should have him blow it on your stomach or face then take a picture of it. I'd like to see this "load" you speak of.