Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DC 3-Way

I have not abandoned this blog. Life has been crazy, but still getting in action. I just need time to commit them to paper html.

As it is, I’m probably not going to hit 15,000 visitors this month, probably because a few folks have given up looking for a new post. I will try to rectify that over the next week or so by giving you what you want…..what you need……what you deserve.

So where were we…….ahhh yes, Washington DC.

Another placed ad on craigslist and a number of responses – including this one:

Still looking to get together? Perhaps during lunch time or after work?
I'm 30, 5'10, 150, brown/brown, athletic, masculine....

IF the guy was over 25, I’d have been surprised. His email name suggested he was Egyptian or the likes. His pics affirmed that.

In the meantime, I got an email from a guy I had hooked up with a number of times while in town and that I alluded to in my last post. He is a hot married dude who, if nothing else, gets off on watching me get off other guys. I told him about my potential mid-eastern load – and he wanted in on the deal.

'Married Guy' showed up first. Unfortunately, by the time he decided to come, Egyptian guy was on his way. Or I thought. He said he’d be there in 20 minutes, but it was like 45 before he did. When we thought he wasn’t coming, we invited someone else over.

But the Egyptian guy did show – finally. Married Guy answered the door and right away the ‘kid’ was nervous. He knew the person at the door wasn’t the guy in the ad. He really didn’t like there were two folks in the room, but eventually came in, but hesitated doing anything.

Married Guy finally talked him into letting me suck him so he could watch. His dick was rock hard (both guys were….all three if you include me). The kid lay on the bed and I went to town on his thin 7” dick, while Married Guy stroked at the side of the bed and rubbed the kid’s chest.

All of the sudden there is a knock on the door. Fuck – we both forgot about asking someone else over. The kid jumps up and has his pants on in a flash. Married Guy goes to the door, looks through the peep hole and just shakes his head ‘no’. The kid wants out of there but doesn’t dare expose himself (not literally) to whomever might be in the hallway. …and he is pissed.

The Married Guy does a great job of calming the kid down...again. Gets him to get back on the bed and drop his jeans. For all his nerves and being upset at us, his dick is still rock hard. He can’t be that upset, I think. Or he doesn’t mind the ‘danger’ as much as he tries to exude.
I got back to work. As usual, Married Guy gets carried away and with no notice starts to shoot his load. I have to pull off the kid and swoop down on this guy to take his nut. The guy has a nice fat headed cock and I love being down on it. And his load is good too. I never understand why he doesn’t give a shout-out that he’s ready to pop. What guy wants to leave his nut on the hotel carpet?

After that it is only a matter of time before I go to work on the kid and get his rocks off. Surprisingly the Married Guy sticks around, when I guess he could have easily bolted. You know how guys can be once they shoot their wad.

But he talked the kid through getting off himself and I think that did it as much as my mouth action. The guy unloaded a decent amount but not a great amount. He moaned, but not loudly.

As he was coming off of his post-ejaculation high, and I was still on my knees, there was a quick knock on the door and then someone keyed in. “Maintenance” they said, as the two guys walked in. The way the room was set up, I didn’t see them and I don’t know what, if anything, they saw.

They seemed a little flustered and left in a hurry. Once again, the kid was flummoxed and not happy. But there was no way anyone could have seen that coming.

In a way, retrospectively, it would have been very hot for them to see and maybe even join in waiting their turn.

Married Guy left first with a funny big production number of, ‘we’ll meet in the lobby for dinner in 15 minutes – DON’T be late’. Just in case the guys were outside the room still. Egyptian kid hung out for a few more minutes, in awkward silence until he thought the coast was clear.

The Married Guy and I laughed about it later via phone and email – but I don’t think we’ll be hearing from that kid ever again.

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