Sunday, April 20, 2008

84-63 = Sweet Relief

I've been lax in my posting. I realize that, and I apologize. It has not been for lack of activity per se, just lack of time to actually write and publish. I will rectify that over this next week. I promise.

I finally lost my 9 week load. Yes, it's true. Mind you this was about 10 days go, due to my lack of posting.

I was at the bookstore/arcade which I referenced here a number of times. Granted, I went with the intention of doing what I normally do: drop to my knees or bend over. And I did, to a point, but nothing to completion and nothing to write home (or here) about.

Until HE walked in.

I've made no secret that though I love the atmosphere of this bookstore (well, almost any bookstore), the patrons are less than average. This guy was not one of those guys.

Tall. Built. Masculine - walking around in his tight 84 Lumber work shirt, with his black hair on his head and on his forearms. His thick thick forearms. A total looking top. And I couldn't have been more off the mark.

After both of us doing some walking around, he ended up taking the booth across from me. Naturally I thought I would be the one waiting for him to expose himself that he was in search of finding some sweet oral relief.

It turns out, he did expose himself and was ok with me coming over to his temporary abode. But I will say I was surprised when it was he who put his back to the wall and slid down to my crotch level.

I'm thinking to myself, 'ok, he's gonna attempt this' figuring there is no way a guy like this knows anything from cocksucking that isn't from teh feeders end. Wrong again.

The stud was a master cocksucker. I had to stop myself a number of times from cumming. Some from pure will power, some from pushing him off my cock. I didn't want it to end so quickly, but in my mind, I also was hoping that I'd get an opportunity to go down on him.

I never really got that chance. He was admittedly a 100% feeder (who claimed to be married).

I was still looking to get others off, but deep down I knew 63 days without ejaculating was taking a toll on my nuts and I could think of no one better than to give it to than Mr. 84 Lumber.

Before committing to doing this, I did ask him if he swallowed. He nodded in the affirmative. I think told him how long it had been since I came - though I lied about that. I figured 9 weeks would scare him. I scaled it back to 3 weeks, but told him I shot big. He assured me he could take it.

And he did. Like a champ. My head grabbed his head and I gave up what I had been holding on to for almost three months. He swallowed every drop and even kept my dick in his mouth for a good two minutes afterwards.

There was no chit-chat once we were through. He didn't quite seem embarrassed by what he had done, but very reserved to be sure. He also didn't seem to be the type to do what he did.

Clearly - what do I know?

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