Saturday, January 02, 2010

Starting the Year with a Bang!

I think I'm getting 2010 off to a good start. I mean, it's only the second day of the year and I've secured 6 loads. Six! Oh, and they were all in one day.

Day one I kind of slacked and got zero. And all it took was $10 for admission to a sleazy bookstore.

I arrived mid afternoon and the parking lots seemed nicely filled. Paying my cover, I went back into one of two sides that show porn - bad bad porn too. But I wasn't there for the flicks, just the guys watching them, or pretending to watch them.

First booth I peeked in, there as a decent looking guy leaning against the wall facing the door, pubes shaved. He nodded at me, so I entered and knelt down. I immediately took his 6" cock into my mouth. It wasn't difficult to get to the base. He seemed to enjoy what I was doing. He muttered that he wanted me to use my hand too. But that was tough - as my fist was bigger than his shaft. I couldn't stroke and have my mouth on it at the same time.

It probably took him 10 minutes of continual sucking for me to get his load. It was only worth it for the cum. I don't mind the work, but I'm not one to jack off a guy to get his nut. Clearly, my skills only go so far, if a guy insists on jacking off - but my guess is that's how he gets off with everyone.

While I was down my knees, a number of guys came by the booth and watched. Did I forget to mention these booths don't have doors? One guy I had sucked a number of times before at his place and I heard him tell guy #1 that I was the best cocksucker there was - he patted my head as he said it. A nice touch.

I found him next. Lloyd has a good 9". A FAT 9" too. And possibly the biggest balls I've ever seen. He was actually ready to leave when he saw me. He had already gotten off, but we ducked into another booth. He let his enormo-dick drop from his fly, which was totally hot. At first I forgot why I stopped trying to hook up with him, but as I sucked, I remembered all to clearly.

Lloyd is a talker. Constant chatter. In full voice - which is kind of a no-no at a bookstore arcade. Asking about my job, my house, mutual people we know, and places where we've done it before. It's very distracting.

But even though he had gotten off before, I will give Lloyd this - he delivered the biggest load of sperm I'd get all day. And not because the others were small. He had a HUGE load. Like a trooper, he zipped up and left, so I could go do other guys.

The next guy was immediate. He was watching Lloyd feed me. This guy was maybe 5'7" and african-american. Nice body, and a nice 7" uncut dick. He had it out before coming into the booth - I was still on my knees. I went right to it. Worked with his shaft and foreskin for a good pleasure for both of us. He leaned down and said into my ear, "I'd love to eat your ass then stick my bare dick up it and breed you, but good!"

Naturally, it is hard to do that there with no doors on the booths, but it was a great idea. Shortly after that, he shot a nice wad into my mouth. I swallowed.

After that, I kind of had a lull. I walked around. I watched some bad porn. But there was a guy watching me watch porn and he came in, but before I could go for his cock he dropped down for mine. It was ok, but I wasn't that into it. That's not what I came here to do.

Luckily, another guy walked in and opened his zipper. The guy sucking me turned his attention to him, but I could tell the second guy had eyes for me. Even when he did go down to suck the first guy, his gaze never left me.

I think at first I would have rejected him, but as the first sucker really just wanted to suck, he moved on and left. Guy 2 sucked me a bit more before standing and showing me his cock. A nice SOLID 7" Rock hard, solid! I went down on him and he pulled out and started to cum, turning away from me.

Grabbing him, I turned him enough to lock my lips on his head and take most of his load. At this point, he just grabbed my head and held it tight. Nice. Load #4 - and then he was gone without so much as a 'thanks'.

From there, I was walking to the other group of video booths when I saw this guy walk in. Red down park and piercing eyes. I would say he was a former high school football player - and we caught each others eyes. I knew it then we'd do the of the deeds, anyway.

Sure enough, he followed me into a booth in less than two minutes. He went down on me, but that was only for a little bit before he stood and put his hands on my shoulders. He didn't need to force because you know I'd gladly go down there. He had a good 7" dick, somewhat fat at the base. That man clasped my head and fucked my face hard. Loved it.

As some point he reached up and played with my nipples. I won't really go over how much that turns me on to no end. He figured it out too. Soon his fingers were probing my ass....and I noticed that black guy who I sucked off and wanted to breed me was watching.

But then I turned back to football guy and sucked him off. He wanted me to jack off, but I wasn't into losing my load that way. Not on the floor. It's a waste.

Black guy came in and tried to suck me but he wasn't good. Both guys had me get up and turn around. Football guy egged black guy on to fuck me and he did get it up me, but we had drawn quite a crowd and both guys were not into that. Football guy completely left. Black guy told me to follow him to another less busy booth - no movie playing so it was black as pitch.

There he bent down and ate my ass - and he did it well. Then he stood up and placed that uncut penis at my hole and pushed in - no resistance. He fucked hard and fast. He knew we shouldn't be doing that there, but he wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. His mouth near my ear, he made me ask for the load. I suppose he wanted to hear it, or absolve himself of any responsibility for a raw pounding. Then I got a second load from him - right up my ass.

Actually, I left the booth before he did. I looked around for more, but found nothing. Then I came upon that guy tried to suck me with load #4. I let him suck me. What the hell. I was there for almost two hours and reeking of sex.

I am not even sure I was fully hard when I came. I shot and shot, as I am apt to do. When I withdrew, I noticed a guy watching us. The sucker said, 'wow, that was a huge load'. I decided to be smug, but truthful, I replied, 'no, not really. not for me'. And I left.

Yes, 2010 is going to be a good sex year.


Anonymous said...

Good start indeed. It would be much much better if action can be illustrated with photos. Yes, more photos plzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Have a good fucking year ahead


christhickd said...

your day sounds really hot. where was this bookstore in the dc area?

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy! So good to see the new year is getting you out of your sex funk! I agree, the signs are pointing to a banner year for sex! It's January 3rd and I've sucked 22 cocks so far and taken 9 loads! I've also emptied three of my own loads down three different throats.

Have two married buds stopping by this morning for me to drain them and put my ad out on craigslist this morning to get more for the afternoon and then will head to the leather bar tonight for one final new years weekend feeding frenzy!

I'm setting a personal goal of 1,000 cocks in 2010. Last year I reached 700+ but with as much traveling as I'm doing this year I think the 1,010 is within reach.

Anonymous said...

hot man, keep it cumming in 2010!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to conduct a survey on the taste of cum

You ever give feedback on comments??

Anonymous said...

It's January 7th and I'm at 34 cocks sucked and 16 loads swallowed. On target to hit 100 for this month which would help me exceed the 1000 for 2010 at this rate.

I know my sex partner count is somewhere in the 4,000 range and really want to cross that 5,000 cocks sucked mark this year.

Got a new married dude yesterday who was brought to me by another married dude whose load I take at least once a week. He surprised me and brought his buddy and it was hot cause the buddy's wife called on his cell while I was sucking them off and he got extra hard while he was talking to her and I was milking his cock.

Sucked off 3 guys today, and going out tonight to feed for a while at a gloryhole. 2010 is going to be a banner year for cock.

Anonymous said...

January 13th update: 56 cocks sucked since the 1st and 22 loads taken.

My post seeking married men has paid off big time as I've had 4 new cocks all on married guys who have stopped by in the last few days for relief.

Taking today off work and hanging out at a local gloryhole this afternoon to feed for a couple of hours then will hit the leather bar tonight to hopefully satisfy (at least temporarily) my hunger.

Horny Top, Cumming Soon to an Asshole Near You said...

I wish I had the luck you have.

Dwight Supremacy said...

New to your blog and this is the first post I'm reading. I'm hooked! Hot!

Anonymous said...

January 22nd update: 78 Cocks sucked, 31 loads taken.

It's been an incredible few weeks. My sex drive has been insatiable and I am producing huge loads of sperm and have not spilled one drop since the first of January. It has all been consumed.

I've been bolder than ever, and only been turned down twice. I have on several occasions asked guys at the gym if they want a blowjob. These have not been men I knew, but men who were either in the showers or locker room and after making eye contact I didn't play the usual back and forth game I simply asked them if they wanted head. Only twice out of at least 25-30 times was I told no. Many of those men were married men. I even sucked off my chiropractor who I've wanted for months. I finally decided to just offer my throat and he gladly accepted it and emptied a load into me while other clients waited and his secretary was just one room away.

Just sucked off three men about an hour ago and got all three loads in me which has me horned up big time and I'm going to head back to the gloryhole around 6pm for some after-work head and hopefully suck down a few more loads before getting on the leather and heading out for a night of feeding.