Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daddy Suck Off

So I'm on the road in a town in the south. Yeah - that's as specific as I feel like getting.

I arrived early morning with nothing to do, work-wise, until afternoon. So, I got into my room and immediately logged onto ManHunt. I will say this about this town: they are big into the IM function of MH. Neither here nor there - it just is.

So, I got an IM from a 42 6'0" man. Claimed to be muscular and his pic seemed to stand by that assertion. 44c, 32w. He also claimed to have 8". Don't they all?

He said 15 minutes he'd be at my hotel and for me to leave the door open and naked on the bed. All he wanted was head. He was married and wanted to be safe. Ok. That's fine.

I did all he requested and sure enough he showed, albeit about 10 minutes late. He seemed to be what he said he was, except maybe for age. He had to be 10 years older or had just had a harder life or spent too much time in the sun. I've never seen a 42 yo with those kind of facial lines. He also had the bluest eyes I've ever seen. Contacts, maybe?

His cock wasn't 8" either. A really solid (and I do mean SOLID) 7" with a really really really nice head on it. Helmet head.

The guy stripped down and came over to the side of the bed and fed me. Or I fed on him, to be more accurate. I love getting reactions out of a married father. It's been a long time since a guy's cock has been THIS hard and I do believe it wasn't from any enhancing drugs.

After the appropriate amount of time to let me do my thing, he began to pump my mouth. He liked doing that.

A slight time after that, he actually climbed up on the bed and laid upon me. He said he wanted to rub dick to dick, but I know deep down he wanted more. His cock got under my nuts and I tempted him a bit with my hole. I don't think he was bold enough to actually go through with it, but if I were a regular in town, he'd eventually go for it.

He rolled over and laid back for me to get between his legs and suck some more. And I did - for about 20 minutes. He could pulse his dick to feed me pre-cum. GREAT tasting pre-cum. I loved his pre-cum control. But that's not how I wanted to get fed the main course.

I talked him into squatting in front of my face while I laid back in the bed and bracing himself with his hands on the wall, he fed my face. The cock was harder than ever and he mentioned it and how full the head was getting - and it was.

With no other warning he unloaded a big splash of seed.....then another one and another one. And it kept coming and cumming.

He kept it on my mouth and I wasn't looking to take it out. I had promised him I'd take every drop and I thought I did. But when iI extracted it, I squeezed the shaft and a huge drop came from the hole in the head.

He pushed it back to me and said, "you said you'd take it all." Like a good cocksucker and greedy pig, I cleaned it up like a pro.

We're both hoping he can come back daily while I'm here. IF he can get away from the wife.


Dwight Supremacy said...

Hot daddy fun!

The Proud Bator said...

wow, what a hot story. I will keep an eye in your blog and hope you get your man daily for a play, casual is the best, gets better and better as days go by. Nice blog, dude!