Friday, February 05, 2010

Titan Top

6' 1" 225 7" football player build mwm masculine top lookin for hot sex daytime fun

Let's start off with the description being accurate, while the below pic was probably taken in good light at a good angle and maybe 3-4 years ago.

He was masculine for sure. He was probably closer to 240. But he walked in the door - 45 minutes late and reeking of pot. Not a great start.

He brought poppers which was a nice gesture, though I'm trying to lay off them, as they impede a good erection and always give me a headache. He also brought poppers in a can, or whatever you call them.

You spray them into a rag and either huff it or shove the rag in your mouth. He opted for the latter. Again, not a great beginning.

There was little foreplay. I lay on the bed and he fucked my face - and I mean he FUCKED it. But he was totally into that I could take it. "Experienced" is what he called me. If he only knew. I have a fucking Ph.D. in cocksucking!

Then it was me on my knees and him shoving that 7" cock up me. It is hard to tell from the pic, but he was THICK. Way thick.

But this is why I liked him and overlooked the weight, the pot and the huffing: he didn't give a shit about my needs. It was about his cock and getting off - no matter how I felt.

Yeah, it was a struggle to get him up me. Yeah I'm sure I winced when he pounded my ass. There were little words from him - mostly because he had a rag shoved into his mouth like he was Patty Hearst being taken by the SLA. Only muffles could be heard.

Now and again, he'd respray and that frozen shit went on my back, then he'd be back to moaning through the rag. I was never sure if he was trying to say something or moaning as he was coming - I just couldn't tell.

He wasn't coming. That would take a while. About 30 minutes of ass-pumping before he ended up pushing me to the hotel mattress and spraying my guts with his seed.

The guy wasn't the end all / be all, but for that moment, it was what I needed: a hard fuck and an assful of spooge.


Anonymous said...

Is that really poppers in the can? I've seen guys use it too.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

I can't do poppers, either. I tried... but every time I end up with a massive headache that kills the mood.

Anonymous said...

The Patty Hearst comment was hillarious... great writting....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hot story. Where do you get poppers in a can? Would love to try it...once ; )

Anonymous said...

He's fucked me before. Exact same story. Tore me up.