Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hotel Suck Job

I'm woefully behind on posting......but I do have stories to tell, some good, some fair, some bad.

This one is good. At least in my mind. It is a GRINDR hook-up, while I was on the road.

He was staying well, about 1700 feet away from me in a neighboring hotel. We chatted on and off over the course of a day. Eventually the stars aligned and I got in my rental car and drove over. Yeah, 1700 feet isn't that far, but it was subzero temps and one had to cross train tracks and a river. It was 1700 as the crow flies, not as the department of transportation and city planning mapped out their roads.

Oh, and he was cute. Normally I am way more discreet than this, but.....

I knocked on his door and he opened. He was way more attractive than his picture indicates - and carried himself as such.

The room was dark, illuminated by only two things: his television playing the State of the Union address (yeah, I sad I was late in posting) and on his laptop, a Treasure Island Media video. I liked the dichotomy of the set-up.

I felt a little creeped out by going to my knees and taking in his 8+ inches while John Boehner looked on. Joe Biden, I could get by with, but Boehner? Nahhh. Not that it stopped me.

I went down, and then I went down.......right to his fucking short hairs. He sat in his hotel desk chair, his head tilted back while I did my best. And if I say so myself, I did do a great job.

Up and down I went. Shallow and deep. As always, I mixed up how I used my mouth, tongue and lips the achieve the effect that would get the best responses out of the feeder. He did not disappoint.

Not only moans, but his own discussion about his big dick. I love when a man loves his own cock and is not only proud of it, but crows about it too. And he did. Telling me to take it. Telling me to make it feel good. Telling me how I was going to swallow every drop. He seemed like a man of authority, while being nice about it.

Maybe just a little too nice. When he got to that point, he asked if I was going to take it. I never want a guy to ask, I just want him to do it. I think that is what cocksuckers are for. I think if you're inviting a guy over to your hotel, that is what the feeder should expect - and not ask the eater permission.

Trust me, it was a slight blip. It did not stop me in my tracks. Maybe he was only looking for a guy to say 'yes'. Even tops need validation. I provided it by pushing him over the edge and having his cum jolt into my mouth, where I held it ever so long before ingesting it all.

I was happy to milk what I could from him and he didn't detract me. He was not so sensitive after the fact that he would push me away - not like some. Hell, I'm like that.

He thanked me while I zipped up my coat. He pulled on his shorts and showed me to his hotel room door. By the time I got back to my hotel, he had texted me a message thanking me for the 'awesome head'.

Buddy - it was my pleasure!

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