Friday, November 25, 2011

Scruff / Recon BJ

A while back I got a 90 day free access to Recon. It's not a bad site, but like other, it's a lot of looking and not a lot of doing. But there I noticed a man not far from me. Mind you, it was one in the morning, but I was clearly awake. And yes I was ready.

I had also seen this man on Scruff, but his profile on Recon was a bit more descriptive of being 100% "active". I put 80% passive in my profile - and I think I lowered that percentage to keep some guys interested that they'd get that 20%, but really that wasn't likely.

But in theory the guy had it, even though this first night we was all talk - clearly not intending to meet up.

The man was older - 57 - but in decent shape. He was considerably shorter that myself, and that is probably my biggest "complaint". No biggie.

Dick was nice (6.5 - 7") and uncut. I don't see, suck or fuck, a lot of uncut pricks. Even hard he had skin. But in some ways I like them. The heads underneath that skin always seem larger, shinier, smoother. It is a nice change up from the everyday cut folks.

When we did get together, he came from work - dressed to the nines. Beautiful Suit. Cuffs. French collar. Impeccably shined shoes.

We chatted for a minute, but with all the texting between Scruff and Recon, we both knew what I was there for. His cock. My mouth.

At first the blowjob was on my terms. I took it out. I worshiped the hardening flesh. I licked it, of course. Sucked too. But it was how I did it that made the difference. I put my energy into listening to his body, his sighs, his noises. I figure out what he responds to, as a feeder. This guy liked it all.

At some point he took more control, but I'll be honest, for someone who claims to be "100% active" and from the discussions we had, he really was not in charge. I was. I can deal with that and let him think he is, but even he knew he wasn't. He was in front of me to be serviced and maybe that was his control.

I could deep throat that shaft. I'd get my tongue under that foreskin and taste that wetness trapped there. I'd tickle his nuts with the same tongue. I'd chew on the dick. I stimulated all of the sense - or at least tried.

He braced himself against the wall with his hand. I thought he'd do it to fuck my face, but it was really just to steady himself against a really really good blowjob - if I say so myself.

This went on for about 30 minutes before I took him to and over the edge. He had told me he shot thick heavy loads of cum. In this he did not fib. Copious amounts of sperm came from his dick in ropes that coated the inside of my mouth - me missing not one drop. Even after he pulled out and squeezed his shaft, more came from that than most guys pop off during the act. No worries. I got all that too.

A few days later I got a text from him, wanting to do another go-round at some point. He wasn't pushing and somewhat non-committal, and that was ok. He was fun. But I made an comment to him saying hope he liked it. His response was a pretty nice endorsement of me. So if any of you need references......

Beyond a shadow of a doubt that was the best blow job I've ever received, period. I thought I was going to pass out. One of my most intense orgasms come to think of it. You are a master at it.

A highly educated man approaching 60 who advertises himself as 100% active, you have to figure he's had his share of oral experiences over the decades. I'm taking this as high praise.


cb said...

I LOVE uncut cock. Love. It.

Proud Bator said...

Fuck yeah mate. what a blog. u got me good.

texanguy29 said...

Hey bud. Cum to dfw in play w my uncut cock.