Monday, February 28, 2011

Sucked in the Bar

Not quite from the archives, but from an encounter back in December 2010.

It was a response to a CL ad.

He wanted to play. I wanted to play. He was going to be in town for two days on business, at a hotel but couldn't host - which I never quite understand. Do people really share rooms with co-workers? I don't.

Decent looking enough, 6', around 180, balding, but a strong masculine face....and a nice 7.5" dick.

With no place to play, we made arrangements to try to meet up in a public restroom. I love that shit, but know the set-ups around town and they are quite unforgiving when it comes to even pseudo-privacy. I'm all for public play, just not for public getting busted.

As we got closer to the time, he went radio-silent. I hate that.

Since I'm not shy, I texted him and he answered right back. He was at a bar. A gay one. A leather one. At 4:30p.

If you've been to one of these places, they are hardly leathery at this time of day. Normally it's just the somewhat alcoholic crowd who starts drinking at 4p...or earlier. It used to be sadder when they allowed smoking there, but no longer.

Meeting him there at 5:30p wasn't so bad, even though I was in work clothes. No one was in leather. ...except maybe for their belts and shoes. We spied each other, I ordered a beer and he came over to talk. The three others in the bar were all eyes and ears as they were intrigued by my presence. I am not saying that because I'm full of myself - just that I was someone new and they knew something was up.

I told 'my guy' I was going to check out the other room, which had a pool table. Only the entrance separated the bar and the pool room - it was not a big place. He followed to 'talk' to me.

Talking consisted of me grabbing his crotch. He was stiff. He grabbed mine. I was stiff.

Even though I opened his pants and went down on him right there, deep down, I knew how it was going to turn out. There we were, standing in an open room with me on my knees, but it was he who wanted to be on his. Why do I always get caught in these situations?

But while I knew I wasn't getting my way, I refused to just leave that easily. So I let him suck me. He did a good job. I was kind of hoping someone would walk in and at least watch. One of the guys in the bar looked ok. The others - not so much.

This went on for a good 15 minutes until I basically willed myself to blow my load. Sometimes you just have to get there mentally to finish it off.

He was a trooper and took every drop. He then tucked himself back in and zipped up. While he went to use the restroom, I just took off - into the night (or late afternoon) without a word.

He texted me a few hours later. Apparently all his drinking buds found what we did to be hot. Someone did watch - and reported back.

Hope they had a good show.


ItzAlSex2Me said...

Hot story!!! it's been MY experience that a Leather bar at 4:pm...the only thing leathery there is gonna be the wrinkled faces of the tired drunk old men hoping for cock...

BlkJack said...

How did you finish the evening? That was just an opening for you. lol Always enjoy your posts!

Anonymous said...

Eagle L.A.?

Kenneth said...

Funny what previous comment reads because I was going to say Eagle-Providence, RI?