Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tangerine Dream

So I was traveling back to West Virginia. Yeah, I know.

But there is that hot bookstore that was right there off I-77. It's still there. Hot it was not. And trust me, I booked my travel to stay at a hotel almost across the street from there, so in the two days I was there, I went multiple times at different times of the day.

I'd say I got squat, but I did get one. ONE!

I knew he was a heavier dude...and most likely a trucker from the adjoining truck stop. But it is the beauty of gloryholes. Try not to look and it is a great equalizer. Then it just becomes about the cock - and not the 19 year old, or 70 year old that it is attached to.

I was there to do a job and I did it.

The cock was shorter and fat. It barely made it through the holes either way - length or girth. But the more I sucked, the more it grew. While it never got long, it did get fatter and fatter.

I sucked him, obviously. But at some point, my mouth was just pressed against the wood and the hole and he did the work. In and out of my mouth with some really really good rhythms. He'd edge himself as I could tell he'd get close then back off. All the while, the dropping of quarters could be heard on both sides of the wall.

Edging went on for a bit - maybe 10 minutes. He then just pressed himself into the wall and I knew it was coming. The jumping of the dick in my mouth told me that too. But it wasn't a huge load, or even one that had any taste - good or bad.

The rest of the bookstore adventure was boring. I did however, hook up with someone from Manhunt. On paper he looked great: I am 6'5, 217, 8 cut, thick, huge balls! ...and some native american blood in him.

It's not often I get guys taller than my 6'2" frame, so I was up for it. The 8" sounded and looked good.
Oh, he also said huge nuts. You can't really tell from here, can you? I mean not really.

Here's what it was: really really really distracting. But I'll back up first.

He texted he was in the hotel lobby, and I left the door open. He was a little grungy but not undoable. His cock was nice as he relayed. But then I saw the balls.

Or the moons. My fucking god, they were bigger than tangerines or clementines. Each.

I relayed the story to a 'buddy' of mine who said "hot". It wasn't. It was such a distraction for me on how disgustingly huge they were - I seriously wanted to refer him to a urologist or general surgeon. Freak show, came to mind.

Don't get me wrong, I tried to get him off, but all he wanted was........wait for to play with his balls. The one thing I wanted to avoid touching.

He ended up jacking over my face mostly. There are better pictures, but you know the drill, they show my face. This is a cropped version.

At least his big balls still produce sperm.


ItzAlSex2Me said...

Dude I've always wanted to do a native American...but more than play with his balls...sorry

Lee said...

Your face is very sexy from what I can see!!

Lee said...

Your face is very sexy from what I can see!!