Friday, March 11, 2011

BikeGuy Rarity - Topping

It was 11:00a and here I was, sitting outside an adult bookstore waiting to go in. On a weekday. A workday.

I actually got yelled at by the bookstore clerk for 'loitering' in the parking lot for taking a business call. I told him what I was doing and he SCREAMED at me that it wasn't a public phone booth!

I wanted to point out the irony that I was about to pay $10 to "loiter" back in their arcade where signs are clearly posted not to, but no one stops anyone. There are no signs posted out in the parking lot. I almost told him I understood his anger for having to make his living by making change for guys to go get their rocks off.

Anyways, back I went into one of the two arcades. Only a handful of guys there, nothing to write home about, but there rarely are. One older guy took a booth across from me. Normally too old for me, but when he flopped out his cock, I changed my mind. Long, thick and heavy.

It didn't last long - all he wanted was my dick. Sorry pops.

I kept wandering around, eventually going over to the other side and settling into the second to last booth mainly because there was full grown otter in there.

Shorter by my normal standards, he had great facial hair. What was probably a fu-man-chu, but so bushy that it was almost filled in as a goatee.

I know he looked over at me, in our doorless booths, but he was covert about it. Extremely covert. He knew I was there.

He had already taken his shirt off and while I stood there and observed him, he slipped off his boots, slid off his pants and put his boots back on, while never leaving his chair. Now and again, he'd take a huff of his poppers.

From his pocket he pulled out a thing barely thicker than two silver dollars stacked on top of each other. He opened it up and whatever was in there, he rubbed two fingers in and then took those down between his legs and under his nuts. He was lubing up, but with, what, I do not know, but it was a small quantity.

For some reason that boned me up. .....and you know I'm not a top by nature.

He stood up, I walked over - still he made no eye contact with me or acknowledged I walked into his booth. I rubbed my exposed hardening cock against his arm and he pushed back on it a bit.

Since I know he rubbed goo near his hole, I did nothing but turn him toward the corner and push on his shoulders so he bent over for me.

With no spit or other lube on my 8", I positioned myself and pushed in. There was a little resistance and I felt no gooey lube, but his hole dilated and in I went. It felt great and I remained hard, so that worked for me.

As is my problem with being a top, I either tend to cum to quickly or lose my erection if I fuck for too long of a time. It is why I am not a good top. I am built to bottom - we all know that. But I was in the zone.

Yeah, I came too close too soon, but I backed off and basically edged myself - using his ass.

I'd either stay still and flex my dick in him (which got a reaction), or I would to a nice and steady pump that made him feel good and didn't get me too close to dumping my nut before its time. Of course, there were also the hard slams up his ass, making his head wedge even harder into that corner of paneling.

There was some talk. Not much, but a little. I asked him he liked it? If it felt good? If this is what he needed.

His response was always the same, the appropriate: "yes, Sir".

I asked how many other loads he had taken, he said mine was the first, but not to be the last. Nice.

Since there were no doors, we got some gawkers, most of them trolls. Guys that even if they had huge cocks you would probably still turn down, even if you were majorly drunk and let all your inhibitions go. I'd wave them off.

The more I fucked, the more what little lube he put near his hole really worked well. Not messy, but let me glide in and out. I'd pull all the way out and slip all the way back in. You can't say I haven't learned something from all those guys who have fucked me over the years, right?

But after 20 minute, I was ready. He probably was too. Being stooped over for that long with your face in a corner isn't that comfortable - trust me, I've been there.

I made him ask for the load, and he did. I won't say he begged, but he asked for nicely and a little insistent. As I got closer, a guy showed up at the door. Not a troll, but not a looker either, but I was too far gone to wave him off.

I turned and asked him, 'you wanna see me cum in this guy's ass?'. He said nothing, but didn't move. I pumped it off up the guy's hole. Deep up there. It was a big load too.

I remained in him for a few minutes, letting myself deflate a bit before pulling out. I came out clean, so I just tucked back in, buttoned up my 501s and headed out the door past the asshole who collects cash and busts "loiterers".


Kevin J. said...

Amazing shit! Wish we cold meet up sometime

Kevin J. said...

Wish we could meet up some time!

cb said...

Now THATS hot!

Men's Groups - Care, Feeding (and starting) said...

Yeh, I think so too. I need to go jerk a load