Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lick of the Irish (no not a typo)

This was a few weeks back, but I hadn't gotten around to writing about it. It was the same hotel stay as the Grindr hook-up I had, which was the same visit I had with the guy who wanted to be 'dad' while he fucked me, his 'son'.

This guy replied to my ad as well. ">Hey I'm 6'6"230lbs Good build and tall 32 yrs old White. I'd like a blowjob this afternoon...

The guy was clearly Irish, as he wasn't smart enough to have a fake email name/address and he had numerous tatts of this guy on his body:

He also had a nice dick.

I'm not sure when the pic was taken, but clearly before he had some of his ink done.

"Pat" sauntered in, bigger than life. I always hesitate anyone who answers a M4M ad and call him 'straight'. Who does that who isn't at least bi-curious? But straight?

Anyway, Pat maybe have been one of the closest I have come to that straight term, who was actively looking to get his nut. There was no interaction at all.

Like I said, he sauntered in, went to the bedroom portion of my hotel suite, kicked off what I'm guessing were size 13 or 14 sized workboots, dropped his jeans and took off his shirt (still amazes me guys strip down for a fucking blowjob), then he layed back on the bed, and closed his eyes.

This would be the position for the entire encounter. He would never look up to see me swallowing his shaft. There would be no words of encouragement - I'm assuming that it was fear that he would have to talk to a cocksucker.

I'm convinced, that with his head back and eyes closed, he could picture anyone with their warm wet mouth engulfing his dick, making him hard and then harder. Making him shoot his load.

I did all those things. Whom he envisioned doing it is anyone's guess.

All things said, on multiple levels, I like that level of impersonal behavior. I get off on it and clearly he needed it to be that way. It worked for all of us.

When it was done 20-30 minutes later, I exited the room for him to get dressed without him being watched or feeling he had to make awkward conversation. He finished, walked past me and out the door without a word.


Jason_M said...

Just stumbled upon (hoho) your blog. Coincidentally, had a fantasy of just such an encounter, but it is me who would arrive at the guy's house and instead of eyes closed, he'd be wearing a blindfold. See, that way, he wouldn't know I'm older. I'd do him and would leave. I'm in control, here, not him.

gh_lovr said...

awesome scenario - i love it just like that too. i've had a few hotel scenes just like that - its all about their nut and nothing else!

great blog - always end up stroking when i read about your exploits - keep up the good work.

cb said...

There is something to be said for a nice, silent bj.

Too bad he laid down tho. I like to suck while kneeling-- it's easier on my neck.