Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Hours of Sex

Sorry - this happened back in April and I'm just getting around to finishing writing about it.

I arrived at his condo at the appointed time.

51 (and looked a lot younger), 6'4" reddish hair, 6.5", furry said his ManHunt ad. I was about to head back from a work trip and had a few hours of buffer time, who knew that I'd use every minute of it?

I knocked and "Dave" opened the door for me. I was still in my suit and tie, he in jeans a t-shirt. While he was not that much taller than me, I do like men who are. Two more inches means a lot - and not just in cock size.

I knew just looking at him I was in trouble. His looks and demeanor hit something deep within me.

Immediately, in the hallway, we kissed. And he was a good kisser. While normally it's not one of those things I do, as I find kissing more intimate than fucking, it was necessary for him and a good way of establishing some comfort with him. Right away we moved into the bedroom where he shut the door. I found that a little odd since there was no one else there. Perhaps a dog, but I never saw or heard one.

Dave was handsome with nice teeth. He was nice. It turns out he is a dirty bird, but that's ok. I am too. There was touching, groping and the slow undress we did of each other. The way he ripped off my boxer briefs he did with a sneer and sense of determination. I liked it.

The guy was an expert cocksucker, but we both knew that is not what I was there for.

He asked if I was going to tell anyone I had been there, I said 'no'. As we were in his bedroom and he had a ring on, I asked the same of him. I got the same reply.

There was sucking from me. There was a lot of tongue work from me. Somehow the word 'porn' came up......and he slyly said, "I bet you have some of you on your phone". I whipped it out and showed him some of my pics and a few vids that are stored on there that star myself. He was into it.

He took my phone and filmed me sucking his dick and eating his ass. He did the same from his phone. In some ways were were too much alike.

The guy was a good ass eater, but LOVED getting his hole munched on - and you know me, I loved doing it. He was vocal in his appreciation of what I want doing down at this butt and if I had hours to be there, I would have spent hours down there.

The guy worked my nipples like a champ and he had a dirty mouth on him. Not as sailor-ish as possible, but the tone, the words, the immediacy, the authentic nature hit all the right marks.

I wanted him in me. This was all great foreplay, but I wanted him in me.

He mentioned he had never fucked anyone uncovered. In jest I said, "LIAR!". But his response was sincere - and I believed he had not ever participated in bareback sex.

He asked a similar question of me and I said " yeah - me either". It was his turn to call me a liar - and he did. In good humor but I denied or confirmed nothing.

I almost felt bad for still hovering above him, his hard cock in my hand. I almost felt bad lowering myself onto that hard cock. But he never said 'no' or even try to move.

I like to think I provided a new realm of pleasure he had not experienced. That difference in a millimeter for rubber is a world of difference in sensation - I don't care what anyone says.

Maybe it was the situation. Maybe it was because we had edged each other for almost three hours - but things did not last long after that....for him.

He blasted off a four day load while he was laying back on the bed, me sitting on top of him. His head back, his eyes back. Pleasure? Guilt? Both?

I'm guessing 'both', but the pleasure outweighed the guilt.

Even afterwards, he had me on my back making me stroke off for him. This is something I normally do not do, but he earned it in so many ways, how could I deny him?

I shot all over the place. I couldn't help it.

I got changed. I had to get in my car and join a conference call. He had to get on with his life.

I was not 10 miles away before receiving his first post sex text to me. I still get them every now and again.


BlkJack said...

Do we get to see any of the clips from your little adventure? Please o' please?!

starbman said...

Very hot, guy! I love those unexpectedly long sessions!
I just found you over the weekend, & I love your stories & style!