Monday, August 22, 2011

Filling Two Cavities

I was prepped, the bareback porn was in the dvd player, I was wearing my black jock as I was asked to do.

He arrived when he said he would. He had on a tight t-shirt and nicely snug jeans and a black pair of cowboy boots. All showed off his assets - a nice chest, a great box and hot feet.

He followed me on the walk from the front door back to where the porn was playing. I stopped and reached behind to feel his crotch. He was hard. I was hard.

He sat on the sofa and pointed at the floor for me to go down and lick his boots. And I made an act of it. I licked the sides, the soles, the heel and then went down on the tips like I was giving them head. He was into it. I was was into it.

I knew he'd be into it. He was stroking his dick while I serviced his feet......his boots. He actually had to put his cock away so he wouldn't get over-excited. I liked that the acts we were doing resonated with both of us.

But he also wanted his ass eaten and you know I love doing that.

He bent over the ottoman and presented me his fucking beautiful butt. I dove in. He responded. I was happy my actions were getting his reaction. I could have kept my tongue deep in there for hours on end, had we had that much time.

It is a nice ass and a tasty one. Since it was so early in the morning and he had just showered he was clean as a whistle but it still tasted good and not at all soapy. His words and sounds of encouragement kept me going.

He stood up, buttoned his jeans so only his cock would be out of his fly. I like that look on all guys, but really on this guy too. His 7.5" goes up at an angle when hard and not straight out. Like his ass, presenting itself to me. I oblige with my mouth. I suck, naturally, but I fear he's close. Too close. That's not what either of us wants.

The bottle of lube is within site, I bend over the ottoman and present my ass, but the position doesn't really work, so up we go. Over to the entertainment center. I bent enough for him to achieve the desired position - in he goes. Skin to skin, like it should be.

His cock feels natural in my ass - in all ways. Like it was meant to be there. I want it there too.

He fucks. He slows down. He fucks. He fucks. He fucks. He slows down. He fucks some more and I know there will be no stopping. Not only by his words, but by his action and the even harder stiffening of his cock.

I love that I can feel his cock throb in my ass. I could take his fucking pulse that way if I had to. I couldn't feel the actual cum per se, but would feel each time he'd throb/pulse/shoot. That is a great thing.

Normally, he likes to pull right out. I like a guy to stay in me for a bit. Maybe he wants to go. Maybe he is too sensitive. I don't know. I don't ask.

He cleans up and leaves.

I go to the dentist to have another cavity filled.

But at the end of the day, he's back. A number of text messages during the day proves him to be horny again. Still horny actually. I'm not sure the fuck did much to cure that.

However I'm working at home, but still working. I leave the door unlocked. He knows to come in.

I am on a conference call. Not one I can just listen in on and be on mute. One I must participate. His shirt is unbuttoned. His pants are down. My pants are down. He lubes up.

No sound from either of us. He goes in me and he fucks.

No sound from either of us - except the occasional sound of his belt creaking. No one but us could hear it. No one would think anything of it if they could.

He fucks. He breathes heavier but says nothing. I know. I feel the pulse. He cleans up. He's gone.


Jim Phoenix said...

Congratulations on Part II. Surprise ending, and a hot one.

Anonymous said...

Did you stay on the conference call all through the time he fucked you?