Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Hard Fuck

He'd been after me for months on Manhunt. But his x-ray effect profile shot of his ass did nothing for me. I ignored him for months.

But now and again, one gets horny enough to respond. Or one is always horny and the pickings are slimmer than usual. I responded. I told him to unlock his pictures. He did - but still no face one. Sorry, but if it is a site where you can hide and open face pics for privacy, you'd better show me.

The face wasn't bad after I told him he had to email one to me. It was a goofy faced pic, but doubtful it was how he carried that mug around all the time. Good thing he didn't.

His profile said 6'2". I'm that tall and this guy was at least 1-2" taller than myself. It also said he was 8.5", but I would guess closer to 9". But congrats to him for not boasting, bragging or lying and saying he was bigger than he was.

The ad also said 'safer only'. Don't they all?

He got an invite over and I'm glad I did.

"Jim" liked to kiss. He thought I was good at it - and I think I am. He was fair at best at the act. No matter, I wasn't there to really make out. And his breath reeked of alcohol. He admitted to "finding a flask of cognac" in his car and drinking it on the way over. It was 11 a.m.!

The idea for the meet up was for some sucking and ass-eating, on my part. He wanted to eat my ass too and who am I to say 'no'? Especially to that.

For being 40, he knew all the right things to do, in theory. In practice, he needed more. Like his kissing, his working of my nipples and eating of my ass were fine, but at that age and with experience, he should be way better than fine. His cocksucking was impressive, but that's not really what I was there for.

I laid on the floor and pulled my legs back so he could go at my hole with his tongue. Even with his rough stubble I wasn't feeling much of anything there. He turned around so I could eat his pucker while he ate mine.

His entrance was nice. Fuckable even - if I did that in any regularity, which clearly I do not. But then he muttered something about sticking me up the ass. Again, who am I to say 'no' to that? I didn't.

There was no discussion about rubbers. 'Safer Only'. HA!

Jim feared he was too big for me and wanted me to sit on him so I could control it. I was ok with that. Since I truly thought he was 9", and with what I saw has no finesse, I figured it would be best for me to handle the situation. In the wrong hands (or ass), that dick could do some damage if he didn't know what he was doing.

With a huff of used up poppers, I lowered myself onto him where the head and a few inches went in. He was concerned about my comfort - which was nice. Then I showed him how I was doing by slowly but steadily sinking down onto this dick. All of it.

I moved (not bounced) up and down on that large shaft. He ended up matching that rhythm and I found something besides cocksucking he was good at. FUCKING.

It was good movement. The head came right to the outer ring and then all the way back up into my gut. It felt good. I felt full without being split in two. He claims to have really liked my hole. And what's not to like? : )

After 15 minutes or so in that position, we moved to where I was on my back. The pop of his dick going in me at that angle hit a few senses - touch and sound. Again, it felt right. He drove in and met the correct amount of resistance. And he fucked like that for another 15 or so.

He mentioned something at that time that it took him a while to cum. No fucking kidding! Others can say what they want, but I've experienced very few men who last longer than 20 minutes, even with breaks. But I did have work to do and so did he.

This last 15 minute session started with me on my knees and ended with me bent over a table. The guy just drilled me, as clearly over the last 40 minutes or so, I had been opened up quite nicely.

With no huge warning, he just planted his dick as deep as it would go and then planted his seed. No dirty words, no major groans. A slight whimper or two and some heavy breathing.

It's what I wanted, even though I didn't set up the session for that. It's clearly what he wanted, or needed.

We both ended the session satisfied and sated.

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Anonymous said...

You've been avoiding this for months? I bet you have him on speed dial now!