Monday, July 30, 2012

That's Fucked Up

You know me - well, when I blog, you do - but I don't give only the good encounters, but I'm ok with admitting and posting bad ones as well. They are just as frequent as the great ones. It's dirty little secret in the blog world, since most will only post their good to outstanding hook-ups.

It was a scene that started out so good.

Hot man on Scruff - just my type.

Shaved head, nice defined chest, inked, looked and sounded tough. ...and he was in a hotel room less than a mile away from me. It would take longer to walk from the parking area to the hotel, let alone his room, than it would for me to drive the distance.

I got off on the designated floor and smelled smoke. I didn't know hotels still had smoking rooms let alone designated floors. But here I was - bummer. I think a man with a cigar can be hot. I'm not horribly fond of cigarette smokers.  ...and it turns out this guy was one. His room reeked of smoke.

That barely mattered as he opened the door enough to let me in - him there with his great chest, tough guy face and a dirty jockstrap on. He was waiting for me. We got right down to it.

I was on my knees gnawing my way through that off-white strap. I licked it, soaked it, chewed it and rubbed my face against it...all with the approvals from its owner.

Soon enough, the hardening cock was out of the strap. I was hoping for bigger, but aren't most cocksuckers? It was a nice size and thickness, I made incorrect assumptions by his size and and demeanor that he was truly packing.  And it was a very solid 6.5".

I sucked him right there near the first double bed. On my knees, face in crotch while he grabbed my head. Sound perfect, no?

After a while, he moved us over to a chaise lounge. Yes, this place had one. I didn't realize it at the time, but his iPad was playing porn and it was set up next to the chaise. Fine. I don't care if he needs the porn as much or more than he needs me.

But his hand goes to the back of my head and I'm "forced" to take all of his cock into my mouth and then into my throat. I lick the bottom of the shaft during this time - and also as a separate event. I also gnaw a little on his shaft, enough to stimulate, not enough to hurt or him say, "ow! teeth!!!!".

I'd say we're about 15 minutes into this suck and he takes his cock and beats it against my extended tongue. You know the deal where a feeder will grab the base of the cock, pull pack the shaft and then whack it against a eater's face, tongue or lips.  Yeah, he was doing it to me and I'm into that.

But you also know how they use the same motion to take the cock away in a fast motion, just so they can tease you and then hit you with it again - usually leaving your own spit and maybe his pre-cum on your face or in your beard?

I'm sure you've all seen enough porn to know of which I speak, even if you haven't experienced it personally.

It was on one of the pullbacks of his cock that body fluid flew. Not a surprise with the force he was slapping my dick and how wet I had gotten it.

Mind you, I was on my knees, on the floor, while he leaned back in the chaise, so I was looking up at him as any good cocksucker will do. It's important to keep eye contact with your feeder.

But as I was looking up, I also got to see the spit that flew off and hit between his abs and chest - it was mixed with bright red.

He looked at it. I looked at it. His cock still on my face. He saw me looking and I saw him looking.

First words out of this mouth:  "This is fucked up!"

Naturally, his first reaction was that I bit him and made him bleed. I've sucked enough cocks that me truly biting (not the mock biting I was doing) isn't in my repertoire.  I've never purposefully or accidentally bit anyone, let alone drew blood.  I've done this a few thousand times!

I know what I'm doing.

Immediately, I rubbed the inside of my mouth and then spit into my hand.  No blood. Whatever it was, wasn't coming from me.

He touched his dick and more blood.  "This is fucked up", came past his lips again.

He'd say it again another half dozen times over the next two minutes.  At one point he squeezed his dick and blood and either seminal fluid or puss came out the head of his cock.  "THIS is fucked up!".

Yeah dude, I got that!

He went onto say maybe it was from his PA. He didn't have it in and I saw no holes like one sometimes sees.  But he kept squeezing and the blood and body fluids kept secreting. I'm not squeamish, but it was a little gross even to me.

Being the mensch I am, I offered to direct him or take him to an emergency department - not so much for the blood, but I'm guessing there was infection there too.

Clearly, the mood was broken (duh!) and I got dressed and left. I rinsed out my mouth in the hotel lobby and when I got home, used lots and lots of peroxide and mouthwash

I texted him the next day to see how he was, but as you might imagine, he never returned with a reply.


BlkJack said...

Wow! No words...

Explorer Jack said...

Thanks for the post. Yah, that is fucked up. I've had some awkward scenes, but nothing like that.

Jim Phoenix said...

Hey, question. How do you mix a peroxide solution to clean up after giving head? I assume you dilute and gargle, not swallow? Would appreciate knowing what works for you.

BikeGuy said...

Jim in PHX: I don't normally ever clean-up w anything after giving head. I WANT the taste of jizz and cock in there. I need it.

But this time, I took a capful of peroxide and swished it around in my mouth for 30-60 seconds and spit it out. That's it.