Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bigger Than He Appears

He's a smoker, but I got over that quickly.  He's uber-thin too, but nothing to kick him out for.  He claims to have a 6" dick, but trust me, it's closer to 8.  I know a few things about cocks.

"Rick" was on a break, but he was the boss, so could leave office as he desired. At the time, he desired me.

Gentle pushing on my shoulders told me he wanted me on my knees, no playing around. The direct approach is good and I was never planning on getting to know his life story, so we both got down to business.

I already broke you the news that while he told me smaller, the more I mouth-handled the dick, the more it grew - close to 8" and a great thickness. Easy enough for me to take it to the root.

While we never talked about aggression or levels, he was on it. One or two hands on head, sometimes just to be there, sometimes just to be guiding me, sometimes to fucking make me take and hold that shaft in my throat and mouth.

"GAG"!, he mentioned once.

I'll be honest - I fake gagged. I didn't really have a problem taking him all the way, but I know that gagging made him feel good - and that's my job.

But I did go down on him - time and again. His flesh filled my mouth nicely, like it was meant to be there. It sure felt like it was. Rick wanted to fill more.

Over the table I went, ass up, head down. With spit, his and mine, as lube, he pushed in and gained access. As full as I thought my mouth felt, my ass was really filled up. And while he fucked me for a good 10 minutes, that is not how he wanted to end it. I would have LOVED for him to end that way, but he pulled out and sat in a chair.

I went right to my knees and took him in my mouth. I know ass-to-mouth can creep some out, but if you do it right and are clean enough, it's a turn-on all the way around....and you don't have to take a break to clean up.

Rick was not responding as well to my mouth, but with some tongue on the nuts and below, he jacked and got to full hardness again.

"Open up", he told me. I did. Tongue extended, he shot his load mostly there, though some got on the chin, in the beard and upper lip. No worries, I cleaned it all.

I noticed some semen between his fingers and asked for it - he gave it to me gladly.  Then I nursed this dick to make sure there were no traces of cum anywhere. Then he pulled on his pants and went to back to work - one load lighter.

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Al said...

Wow, first time reader. Amazing