Thursday, February 07, 2013

Black Babies

I told him 30 was too young for me, but in reality, his weight was not in proportion to his height.  I wasn't going to make him feel bad about that.  Though 30 is usually my threshold for age. I like them older than that still.  Always have.

He insinuated it was his skin color that made me initially reject him.  That was not the issue.

The guy was persistent - as he contacted me through A4A.  He wasn't my "type" but he had an impressive rod, which is kind of my type.  ..and like I said, he was persistent, coming back to me even after I rejected him.

His email that day was that it's like he had taken Viagra because his cock would not go down at all.  I started formulating a way to get him to fuck me that would be appealing to me as well.  I thought I had it, but you know how that goes.

I told him I would leave the door open and I would have my ass up.  The idea was for him to just fuck it and I wouldn't necessarily have to make eye contact at all.  Head down.  Ass up.  Black cock.  White ass.  Zip up and leave.

He was down with that idea.

I saw him pull up, I dropped my pants in anticipation. But like all plans, they are never executed to the degree we'd like.

His Viagra-like dick was limp, so much for that bravado.  He needed / wanted help getting it up, which meant me turning around, seeing him and getting on my knees to blow him - all things I wasn't really wanting to do with this guy.

But a faggot must do what he must do.  Down to my knees, avoiding as much eye contact as possible, I sucked his dick.  It took him a lot longer to get up than his talk would lead one to believe.  I'm not sure he was all that.

His cock in pictures was impressive but soft it was not. Even when I did get it hard, however he was taking the pics made it seem bigger and thicker than it was.  It wasn't bad, but it was not what he was advertising - such is life.

Eventually we got him hard enough for me to go back to bending over the desk.

He was a decent fuck after we finally got to that point.  He kept talking about his bare dick and fucking my ass.  He kept talking about his big black cock.  I egged him on about it being 'dark meat'.

Honestly, I wanted him to say the 'n' word when referring to his meat.  I know I could never start that conversation, but could participate if he brought it up first. He didn't.  I don't know why that can be such a hot scene, if all are into it and become comfortable with the word in a certain setting - but it was not meant to be.

The fuck lasted about 10 minutes.  With one final shove he shot his seed into my ass.

He continued to move about in there, making sure his load was in me; stayed in me.  Naturally, he let his cock soften enough to slide out.  There was no pulling back of the hips to withdraw it.

When he was out, there was no rush for him. He stood looking at me still bent over, slapping my ass and telling, to no one in particular, that his black babies were up in my ass.

And they were.

He wants to come back....but we'll see.  Should I let him?


BlkJack said...

No! Move on to the next one who'll spend a little time on his body.

Quincy Rowe said...

As a straight black guy that gets off on fucking white boicunts like you I DEFINITELY would've had you begging for my "nigga dick and my nigga babies "! You also would've licked and slurped my dick clean after nutting inside you..LOVE making white boicunts do that, clean me up after!

Anonymous said...

no.. truth in advertising gets the repeat..

Upton King said...

I can definitely see how that type of role play could be hot, but share your reticence to initiate. I always think it helps to discuss those kind of 'taboo' exchanges - but then, that robs it of its spontaneity, and its potential hotness. So, if there are black dudes out there into that... speak up. As for something arriving not as it was advertised? Ummm... I might not return it the first time, but I am not reordering the damn thing. That just encourages deceit. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque