Monday, February 04, 2013


'Deviant' was his screen name.  I knew nothing good could come of it.  But engaging someone with that handle was kind of the point, no?

He had shared some of his xtube posts, and while he was probably nastier than he showed in his vids, he had a side that curbed his edge.

41, 5'9", 160, Hispanic.  His cock was about 6.5" and fairly thin and cut. He had tatts on his chest and arms. His chest and arms were smooth.

During my work travels, he was nearby and we exchanged messages via certain hook-up applications, but we could never quite get the timing right.  ....until my second to last trip to this area.

Because of my schedule, I had to arrive on a Sunday - which left me the entire afternoon wide open...and he happened not only to be on-line, but two miles away finishing his workout at the gym.  A nice bonus for me.

He agreed to come over, but for all his previous videos and chat, he was feeling quite tame, telling me he wanted to lay back and for me to blow him until he shot on his abs and chest and then have me lick it off.

I'm not one to argue such an arrangement, but that was not what I was thinking we'd be doing.  I'm also one that would or could try to manipulate the situation as well.  So, I went down and licked his dick and I sucked him like an expert would do.

I went to his nuts and lovingly tongued them, licked the, sucked them and put them in my mouth.  But I always find the best way to get their attention is to go under their nuts, work their taint and slide my tongue to their hole, even if - or especially if - they are a top.  It always revs their engine.

In between, I complimented his cock and how good it would feel in me....up my ass.  He didn't disagree.

Maybe I was playing him.  Maybe he was playing me - getting me to ask for it. The end result was, I was going to get fucked.

With me on my back, Deviant (I never got a first "real" name), slide his cock into my hairy hole.

Nice latin uncovered cock.

Whatever reservations he might have had about fucking me were clearly gone.  I don't think he really had them, but I can play the game.

The man had in me in every position.  We started out with me on my back, but at some point he was propped up on pillows and I rode that Hispanic meat for all it was worth.  The longer we went on, the nastier his verbal skills became.

For the final act, I was on my belly, on the bed, with Deviant behind me, really putting it to me.  If there were guests on either side of me, or walking down the hall, there was little charade as to what was going on in my room on the third floor.

He kept asking me what he was doing.  "Fucking my ass, Sir!"  

Then he kept asking what I wanted.  "I want you to fuck me.  I want you to breed me".

TELL me what you want, he'd demand.  "I want your fucking load up my hole".   He'd ask specifically what I wanted, and I told him - making assumptions:  "I want your dirty seed up my ass".

That is when he buried in me and screamed, "you better say 'thank you!'".

He groaned.  He moaned.  He said inaudible things. All the while he was pumping his sperm up my hole.

Over and over, just barely loud enough to hear - I thanked him.


BlkJack said...

Another hot post! If I was a guest or walking down the hall, I would have done my damnest to slide my ass under your door to watch that action. Lol. Thanks!

Bruce Chang said...

And fuck, I love your hairy hole!