Friday, February 08, 2013


There are a few bloggers out there that I've corresponded with over the years.  Ones that I would say are of our ilk.  iBlastInside. Dan, from Matt & Dan. Spermpig. ..and of course. Mr. Steed.

Two I've met in person. One I've had sex with. ...and then there is Mr. Steed.

He and I had plans to meet I'd say back in 2010, but my work schedule got the better of me and my planned trip to his neck of the woods was cancelled and then he was no longer in that neck of the woods.  Still, I'm a big fan of his blog, his adventures and his writing.  But I'm a bigger fan of his mind-set.

He's a dirty man.

I'm not speaking out of school.  He knows it. He knows I know it.

Now and again, I will message him after I have had a memorable encounter. He'll get a few days (or weeks) preview of what I will end up blogging about.  Sometimes he responds.....sometimes not.  Like any other man - virtual or real - sometimes I'm not worthy of a response or acknowledgement.

It's safe to say, he might know some things about me that my readership does not. In the course of private conversations, questions are asked and answered.

We happened to be messaging when I was looking to get fucked the other day.  He wanted me to make it happen - to take a load for his birthday present.  I'm all for that, but let's face it, I wasn't be altruistic in this regard.  I was getting the load, not him.  I was wanting the load - as much, if not more than he wanted me to have it.

For some readers, they like living vicariously through my exploits.  Steed is not one of these. He has enough of his own to worry about whether I'm getting laid or not. But I like him and we're simpatico so why the fuck not let him know I'm doing it for him?  ....and for me.

He certainly likes reading about my sexploits. He's one who truly gets it too. ...not that you guys don't.

So anyway, when it was suggested to me, by Mr. Steed, that I find a guy to get bred by, for his birthday, it was a challenge I couldn't really pass up.  I mean, I guess I just needed a reason, right?

Immediately, I found one, but you know how that goes - he disappeared into the internet never to be seen or heard from again.  All that energy with promises of this and that - it's almost hoping he got hit by a car or something or was trapped under a fallen tree, wanting to get to me, but unable to reach his phone.

Guy #2 did come through.  52, 5'10", 190. He wasn't a looker, but had the cock: 7.5" and thick from base to head. And really, it's all about the dick sometimes.

He wanted to kiss, I didn't.  He wanted to suck me, I didn't want that either.

I did go down on him, I got his thick meat in my mouth and took him to the base.  He liked that.  Who wouldn't?

We both knew, with his thickness, that spit alone would not work.  I had some Abolene, which is great lube. I massaged it onto and into his cock. It was slick, I was ready.  He was ready.

This was not to be a quick fuck - but how could one know that from the get-go?  First I was bent over a desk and he eased his way up into my ass nice and uncovered.  Fuck I felt full.

What he lacked in looks, he made up for in skill.  It was a good deep, hard fucking.  And that was only phase one.

He pulled out, and got me to the ground, doggie style.  He put it to me good that way too - a very hard fuck. He kept telling me his bare cock was up me, pounding me.  The feeling was great.

The guy did slip out and roll on his back. I took my place on top and sat on his shaft.  I sunk all the way down, enough that he asked if I could feel his pubes on my ass.  I could.

That position did not last as long as I would have liked.  He wanted me flat on my belly and that's what I did. From behind, he entered me and really hammered his cock home. A good 5-7 minutes of gut punching dick and he stiffened - emptying his nuts into my ass.

In a matter of minutes, he was gone. But yet he remained.

I sent Steed a message.  He got his Gift and I got mine.


The Breeder said...

Best gift for my birthday ever.

BlkJack said...

I liked the gift exchange. lol. What will you do for your own birthday? Maybe find a bbc attched to a fine Black Bull?

Upton King said...

Sweet. You know, I have often wondered about tops that want to fill their bottoms in that last position you mentioned... with the top flat on his stomach... I often wonder if it reminds them of when they used to fuck their buds when they were high school. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque