Friday, March 01, 2013

Married Fucker Returns

It has been a while.  I thought maybe the last encounter months ago scared him off.  I could see why it might. I hadn't even heard from him.  Guilt had gotten the best of him, I assumed.

Possibly not, as he contacted me again wanting to stop over. He didn't say for what.  This time, I'm assuming he was leaving things a bit more open as opposed to me just going down and sucking his cock off.  In my mind, sucking was less appealing than what we had done last time.

As it turns out, the appointed time got interrupted with me on an extended conference call.  It was to have finished well before he arrived, but I was still on it.  He sat patiently for me, as I listened and talked.  He rubbed his crotch, I did the same to mine.

Eventually, I pulled my cock out and it was getting hard.  He went down on it.

I know this is not my norm, but it was a good indicator of what went on last time, minus the work call. It got to the point I dropped my pants.  Like last time, his tongue and mouth went lower. Under. Behind.  And in.

Sure, he'd go back to my cock, but more often than not, we went back to my hole. His one visible eye looking up at me - to see if he was getting a reaction. He was, albeit maybe a slightly exaggerated one.  He was enthusiastic, but not exceptionally skilled.

I eventually got off the call and we could be more verbal.  I'd hold his mouth down under my nuts and he knew what to do. But eventually he sat in the other chair and goes, "my turn".

While the man is very average looking (at best), his cock his 7", curved, thick and had a good sized head on it. I do like sucking it. I've done it about a half dozen times now.

Like last time, without words, he attempted to ease into me from a kneeling position while I was at the edge of the chair.  Unlike last time, the angle was all off for one, or both, of us and it didn't work.  He requested I get on my back on the desk.

I complied.

This guy needed lube. Spit wasn't going to do it for him.

Like I said, he had a big head on this cock and you could truly feel it pushing into my hole. I'm sure my eyes widened and he saw that and hesitated for a moment before continuing.  But with a nod of my head, silently affirming I wanted more, he was all to happy to continue insertion.  Slow and steady till he bottomed out.  I sighed.

He's a man with little finesse.  I'm guessing this is how is wife gets fucked.....or used to when she probably put out.  I'm all for a selfish guy in bed, but he still should be good at what he does. But he was feeling good, I assume.  He liked my ass.

It's not like he was horrible at fucking, but his need was one-sided, but you have to expect that as a bottom most of the time.  I'm good with that - sometimes I am GREAT with that.

The fuck was not a long one - less than 10 minutes.  But if you've been in the position I was in, on my back, looking into the face of a fucker, you know the look.  Some are amateurs at hiding their state - they'd probably be good to play poker against.  But I knew where he was in the process. He knew too, obviously.

He looks at me, in a semi-pathetic way. Part is trying to hold back. Part is trying to ask permission to finish. Part is trying to complete without permission.  The way I want him to, the way he wants to - but he's still unsure of the territory; the environment.

"Can I........?"  he trails off.  I nod.

That's all it takes.  Blast off.

His load.  My ass.  Job complete.

He slips into his pants and leaves.  It will be months before I hear from him again. If ever.


CockSearch2009 said...

Ah, reminds me of Mark - I wrote about him - geez, it was 4 years ago. I thought of him immediately when you said that if a man is going to be selfish, he ought to at least be good at what he's doing. Such a waste: great cock, utter inability to use it properly.

naturalman75 said...

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