Friday, July 19, 2013

Gag Me

I like to think of myself as an accomplished cocksucker.

It's fair to say I've had a really really large sampling size when it comes to shaft-in-mouth scenarios. And while I'd never go on record to boast that I'm super great cocksucker (that's for the feeder to always decide), I have a skill set that seems to do the job for most guys.

Over the years....or of those skills is how to take a cock in my mouth, and into my throat, without gagging.

The guy was on-line before breakfast and about a half mile away. Walkable, considering I wasn't at home and had no car.  He was in a resort with friends across the hall - I'd have to be quiet coming down the hall and into his room.  The door would be ajar.

5'9", 160, 7" curved upward slightly.  The curved part would be important.  All he wanted was to be sucked. Good thing - all I wanted was to suck.

I found the place and got to his door - it was opened maybe 2".  I pushed through and there he stood - naked, like his picture.

There was no foreplay, no word exchange.  I was down on my knees and putting his cock in my mouth.

I knew there'd be little to no noise, since his friends could be coming by to snag him for breakfast at any time, though we never left the common area - leaving us closest to the hallway door and more potential to be heard.  Not that I cared, I didn't have to live with these folks after the fact.

While it was never discussed, it turns out he is a forceful feeder.  Not that I mind.

Usually, even guys who say they're forceful let the sucker take over and do his job.  Not this guy.

Hands went to my head and it seemed his one goal was to get me to gag.  Again, not that it was said, but a few minutes into the blowjob, it became clear, and something he confirmed after we were all done.  He wanted to gag.

With the curve, how he shoved that shaft into my mouth, then into my throat made it easier to do than I had anticipated.

I gagged.   I hate gagging.

I totally get that feeders like to feel powerful and that they have great dicks and / or loads to make a cocksucker choke on their prick.  But to me, I feel like a cocksucking failure if I don't take in every inch with relative ease.

I know - it's illogical, but it is the way I feel.

However, this guy was getting off on it. Clearly.  The more I gagged, the harder he held my head, the harder he fucked my face, the more powerful the thrust into my throat.  And the harder his cock became.

We moved from me being on my knees to him laying back on the couch and me kneeling beside it taking his dick back into my gullet, literally going down on him.

As it turns out, while it seemed at first easier for me to swallow flesh, it also became easier for him to choke me with that rod.  He wins. But something told me he picked that position on purpose.  As much as I might have sucked dick all my life, he's probably gotten his serviced.

For another 7-8 minutes I stayed down there, taking his dick to the root.  Taking his shaft in my throat. Feeling those ever present hands on my head, guiding me, but more like TELLING me how I was going to please him, how I was going to get him off.

Not getting his release wasn't an option - for either of us.

Soon enough, his entire body just stiffened.  He throbbed.

Most of his seed went right down my throat; most of it never tasted.

I did get a few of the remaining drops as I pulled back and they dripped onto the roof of my mouth and down onto my tongue, before joining their brothers in my belly.

The cum was bitter.  I didn't care.  I got what I wanted.  He got what he needed - release and the ability to remain in control.

I snuck down the back steps and he deleted his Scruff profile before I made it back to where I was staying.


Bruce Chang said...

Hm... Something's in the water 'cause I literally just posted something about my curve and how it made someone gag. I gotta admit, I do get drunk on the sexual power of making a guy gag...

BlkJack said...

Always up for a challenge...I have to agree with BikeGuy on the gagging part. I too feel like a failure when I gag on a cock 7in or less.

Upton King said...

I think it's more than okay to own and broadcast something you're good at. I have no problem telling dudes I'm a great cocksucker - whether I get to drive or the top wants to take control. I rarely gag. My doctor sticks things down my throat all the time and never fails to comment on it... like she's tickled to death at the idea. That said, when I have an aggressive dude that gets off on noises, I can fake it. And kind of like doing that. It's rare that I find a dick I can't take to the root. Width is always more of an issue than length. And you can always game it by suggesting a certain angle or position that will grant your throat an easy time. Great post. Love that he deleted his Scruff profile the moment you left. Classy. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque