Friday, July 26, 2013

Shot Put

He was less than a mile away from me for a quite a long time - that meant one of two things:  he was at a hospital or in a hotel.

"Erik" was from the Netherlands, or so said his profile, so he could be an international patient at the hospital or here for business in that hotel.

He was bulky but solid, not fat.  His profile pic was him in the first stage of throwing a shot-put.  I don't know if it was for fun or he did it professionally. I mean, I don't know anyone who does track and field events at the age of 40 for "fun" - but he seemed too old to be making a name in sports.

Anyway - some back and forth and he told me about how his dick was dripping. How it was dripping when he saw my profile. But he told of how it drips all the time. I told him I should see him about that to offer advice.

I got invited to his hotel room.

6'2", 209, married, in a foreign land and horny   Perfect confluence.

He let me in immediately - and like I said, the man was solid. Huge chest. thick neck, tree trunk legs.

No foreplay was in the plan. I didn't even get to pull down his shorts, he did it immediately.  Actually, it was the only thing that he took off.  I'm a fan of some clothes, it's a fucking blowjob, I don't need you to get naked. I don't need to get naked.

I went to my knees.

I will be honest, I was a little worried he might be coming up short.  His pics he sent were nice, but the dick in front of me was a wee bit....wee.  But I know from experience, not to judge a cock by its flaccid state - I've been wrong more than once on how things grow.

While it took a few minutes, things grew.  And grew.  But not as much length-wise. Sure he made it to 6", but I'm guessing the base of his pud was at least 6" around.  I'm not sure I've ever swallowed anything so thick - and I've had a cock or two in my mouth.

I worked that man's prick over for a good 30 minutes.  You know when you get to that point (if you're a cocksucker) where the spit just drip out of your mouth, off your lips, onto your shirt or floor?  You tops may have looked down to see this.

That is a sign of a true cocksucker. Not worrying about anything but taking care of the cock, keeping it wet, keeping it happy.  It is just that crossover to pigdom status.

Overall the man was quiet, but I would always get a nice fucking moan when I was all the way to his blonde pubes and would use my tongue simultaneously on the underside of the shaft. That drove him wild and you could feel him tense up, in upper body and in his loins.  I tried not to overdo that so as to make it a special moment that didn't wear itself out.

Now and again, his hands would go to my head - those fucking big man-hands. If they know how to grip a shot put, they can certainly grasp a cocksuckers skull.

It was a slow but deliberate feed.  For the second time in as many weeks, I was feeling the pressure to gag.  Unlike that last guy, Erik I don't think was trying to gag me, but this was like having a red bull can shoved into your throat.....I'm assuming.

He let go and told me to scoot back with my head against the bureau.....or whatever he tried to call it as he translated his version to English.

Now here I was pinned between his massive thighs and the furniture.  ...and then there were those hands again.  I was his.  He knew it.  I knew it.  There was no getting away - not that I was planning on it.

The man was tough but fair. He'd fuck my face, gag me, but then slow down and then start the cycle all over again.  This went on for a little while, his wireless speakers giving enough noise playing music that anyone walking down the hall wouldn't really hear the steady thump of his thighs to my face or my head to the cabinet.   Like I cared.

He did announce he had been holding off cumming for a while.  I told him if he wanted to hold off, that was good.  If he wanted to cum, that was good. I was there as a U.S. cocksucking ambassador - it was totally his call.

He opted to ejaculate.

At this point he pulled out of my mouth, as I knew he would.

As we chatted before I got the invite, he asked me where I liked a guy to cum - and I told him, in my mouth so I could swallow it.  He liked giving facials.

I told him it was totally his call - he was the top.  He then said he'd like to see it dripping on my tongue and on my chin.  In a way it was a compromise - and this folks is how international relationships are built.

But he wanted to control his orgasm and direction, which meant I couldn't just finish him off with my mouth and him aim at the last second.  So I knew he would pull out.  And he did.

With about 15 seconds of stroking, he hit my mouth, then my cheek and then my chin, mouth, chin and chest.  It was a big load.

As I always attempt, I nursed the cock afterward.  He had no issue with this - no sensitivity, no post-orgasm guilt.  He just looked down and watch me not only clean off his head and shaft, but tenderly put it in my mouth and take care of it orally.  He had a slight smirk, albeit a nice one, as I fussed over his peen.

It was then I saw the cum on my chest and abs.  Erik looked on, kind of in amazement, kind of in pride, as I scooped it up, and ate it, then looked right at him.  I wasn't wasting it and he knew it.

No worries, I got what was on my cheek too.

He thanked me.  I thanked him.  I stood up, straightened my own dick in my shorts and took the elevators to the lobby, but not before wishing him a safe trip home.

I'm a good cocksucking ambassador to the Netherlands!


Upton King said...

Hmmm... if you were to have bottomed for him you would have been an American Amb-ASS-ador! Good job. You are such a pro :) - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Anonymous said...

was he uncut?